About US

Established in the North East, Spotlight has grown into a fully fledged and fully independent platform for writers to cover emerging music across the region and beyond.
Our website features an extensive array of written content such as reviews, interviews and opinion articles as well as a bunch of video sessions from our talented film team.
We’ve also hosted our own gigs and festival stages in Newcastle and Sunderland to help showcase our favorite up and coming artists, and raise money for some great causes along the way.

So What are our values?

No advertisers.
No paid content.
No bullshit.
No limit to our love.
Just great emerging music.

We are currently 100% NON-PROFIT with a dedicated team of volunteers making up our wonderful and diverse writing team.

We will NEVER accept payment for the articles we publish. We believe that this isolates musicians and artists who do not have financial backing, and those individuals are the ones that matter to us most!

We do, and always will, strive to support artists and causes that deserve a voice and will make every effort to provide them with coverage to the best of our ability.

Special focus is, and always should be, given to artists, causes and individuals that would otherwise struggle to receive a fair amount of coverage from other publications due to age, genre, gender, social background, level of experience etc.

We will always make every possible effort to be IMPARTIAL and ACCURATE. It is our belief that being biased in our coverage of artists is not only dishonest but also not constructive or helpful to the artists who could benefit from constructive feedback and criticism.

For more information, editorial queries or complaints please email spotlight.jdmusic@gmail.com.