Established in the North East, but with the goal of conquering the world!

Originally conceived as a platform for us to share our favorite artists, Spotlight quickly grew into something much more...

Inspired by our local music scene in the North East, we are determined to help emerging musicians of all levels and genres as well as support the promoters and venues who share our vision.

We’ve grown significantly over the past few years and show no sign of stopping!

Our services include: - Video sessions tailored to your needs. - A place on our ‘Spotlight Presents’ gig line-ups designed to showcase local artists in venues across the region. - Written gig and music reviews, previews, interviews etc to help get your music noticed. - We can share any events or new releases that you want to show off to our growing followers.

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A Brief History

Spotlight started - like everything else - from a simple idea.

James Grant saw a lack of coverage in the media for those musicians and artist who aren't 'famous' or earning the 'big money'. He, along with the team, set out in September 2015 to pull together and launch a multi-media platform that would aim to share amazing music that is yet to be discovered. 

The original idea was to film musicians and post them on YouTube, but we soon realised that we could offer more. Articles, interviews, downloads, behind the scenes. Even live gigs.

We then successfully launched our website in January 2016, as well as our media platforms and filming 'studio', or shall we say, barn.

We invite you to follow us and feast your ears on incredible music.

The Team