Top 10 Classic Music Videos

Top 10 Classic Music Videos

10. Around The World – Daft Punk. (1995)

With around 9.8 million views on YouTube this video makes our list at number 10. Music video director Michael Gondry by the looks of it tried to show off how creatively strange he could make the video to parallel the song itself. It includes a lot of strange things throughout including; women in swimsuits donning swimming caps, to skeletons laying on the floor, mannequin headed men with super long bodies and to top it all off mummies which all join together for a dance number. If you haven’t seen this video before trust me it’s definitely interesting and worth a watch.

9. It’s Oh So Quiet – Bjork. (1995)

Bjork’s hit ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ claimed our number 9 spot. With 6.1 million views it looks like there are still plenty of people still to see this catchy, colourful and bold video directed by Spike Jonze, primarily set in and around a tire shop bringing all the workers together for a bit of a dance before doing the same outside with strangers. This video probably wouldn’t make many lists like this, but its catchiness and light hearted feel there is no reason why it shouldn’t be either.

8. Firestarter – The Prodigy. (1996)

Where to start with this one… this video is well umm… terrifying the first time you watch it. Filmed in all black and white director Walter Stern knew exactly how to create to spine tingling video which is Firestarter, with 58.6 million views its certainly one of the more popular videos on this list, and a little tip for anyone who’s already seen it and can relate when I refer to it as terrifying watch the video without sound… nightmare material I tell you.

7. My Name Is – Eminem. (1999)

Director Phillip Atwell created a very attention grabbing video to goa long with this smash hit single from Eminem which acquired him his first Grammy award with over 71.7 million views. The video starts off with a traditional redneck family watching Marshall Mathers TV show, and the video leads onto Eminem imitating the president at the time Bill Clinton, and a porn star. Definitely one of the more interesting and funny music videos around online.

6. Take On Me – A-ha. (1985)

The 80’s hit Take On Me, gained a music video that seemed so ahead of its time as we watch a woman gets dragged into the comic book she is currently reading in the café and is lead through a serious of events that are portrayed in the comic itself with the hero. With over 213.3 million views on YouTube it is the second most popular video on our top 10 list of classic music videos. Give it a watch if you haven’t done so already it’s quite interesting.

5. Nothing Compares 2U – Sinead O’Connor. (1990)

This video consists mostly of very close up shots of Sinead O’Connor’s face singing to the song and her walking around an area in Paris. It’s a very stark and bold video which send shivers down most people’s spines with just how truly raw it is especially towards the end with the two tears down her face. This is one of the music iconic videos of the 1990’s so we couldn’t not include it on our top 1 classic music video list could we.

4. All The Small Things – Blink 182. (2000)

Blink 182’s All The Small Things is one of the most memorable music videos ever created, the ideas that are put into it are so clever and funny once you watch the video all the way through. You see the trio in the video basically taking the pi$$ out of most boybands as they do parodies of; Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and ‘N Sync. And also parody Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, director Marcos Siega showed everyone just what you can create with a bit of thought and creativity and the end result is just hilarious to go with one of the most explosive choruses.

3. Beat It – Michael Jackson. (1982)

Beat It helped establish Michael Jackson as an international superstar. It is notable for its sheer amount of choreography making it look so sleek and modern, it contains a cast of over 100 people featuring in the video itself 80 of which were two real gangs which they got to help shoot the video. It has won numerous awards including two American Music Video Awards, and has been covered and sampled by many artists including; Fall Out Boy, Fergie, Eminem and Justin Bieber. This is one of the most famous videos from one of the most famous artists ever.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen. (1975)

This is one of the most iconic songs ever released so only made sense that even the video made it onto our top ten classic music videos. It contains everything a music lover would want from; a long intro, a ballad segment, a long guitar solo, an operatic segment and hard rock (in that order), the music video switches from the very well recognised section of just the four members of Queen’s faces on a black screen singing the song, to then switch to a live performance of the song, then back and forth throughout the video in sync with the tempo of the music. I can’t think of anyone who won’t have seen the video so pointless me telling you to go watch it as you already will have done.


1. Thriller (full length version) – Michael Jackson. (1982)

Where to start… This is THE MOST ICONIC MUSIC VIDEO OF ALL TIME everything from the staging, the story, the lyrics and the choreography this music has absolutely everything in it which might explain why it is almost 14 minutes long, but it’s 14 minutes which you are quite happy you lost and won’t care by watching it over and over again. It is more of a movie than an actual music video. Jackson financed most of the music video himself as he had so many ideas he wanted to incorporate. MAKE SURE YOU ALL WATCH IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN….. so you can all fully understand why this is our number one!

Written By Matthew Oates

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