R.O.M - I Just Want You To Know

R.O.M - I Just Want You To Know

At just 19 years of age, R.O.M is already slaying the scene with his unique, futuristic, electronic twist on an R&B and Jazz foundation. The multi-instrumentalist has produced hit after hit of solo work, while more recently collaborating with artists like WIZE and Jamvvis.

It’s very easy to forget just how young he is when digging through the treasure chest of bangers that is his Soundcloud, and more notably a consistent theme in instrumentation and overall sound that is a rare treat to find among electronic producers, in that a song of his would be easily recognisable as such simply for the mood it portrays.

One song I feel perfectly sums up his body of work is his recent track “I Just Want You To Know”, an ode to what he says has been the best year of his life, and acknowledgement of the people who, combined with his creativity and hard work, are making the dream a reality.

The intro features a pitched-up Pharrell vocal, which remains throughout, accompanied by a playful synth. As the song builds, a four to the floor kick, combined with a clap, and offbeat hats offer the false sense of listening to a house track, before suddenly being fed a veritable banquet of 808 bass, and Arp melodies, while the driving beat sinks into an R&B-esque groove that you just can’t help but move along to.

It is at this point where R.O.M really comes into his own, bringing a mastery of production to the table, be it from the manipulation of the bass effortlessly gliding between octaves, or the way each chord leads perfectly to the next – demonstrating not only the ability to create such intense moods, but also a level of harmonic theory rarely touched upon in the world of electronic music.

The second verse sees a return to the house-influenced rhythm, before once again breaking into the main hook. This time, however, we are greeted by a more frequent use of the kick drum, highlighting its vital role in the side-chaining element of the song, which really pumps its synthesised counterparts into a groove-ridden frenzy. 

The following return of the four-to-the-floor section brings us the introduction of another key feature of R.O.M’s repertoire, the smooth-as-you-like guitar riffs that have become almost as present in his songs as the electronic components. 

By the time of the songs fade-out, even a first time listener can appreciate the style and finesse he brings with each release. This ability to create such powerful reactions from fans leads me to believe the future will be very bright for this young artist.

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Written By Sandy Quigley

Hey! My name is Sandy Quigley.
I'm a 20 year old electronic producer, 808 lover, synth fanatic, Jazz enthusiast and vinyl fiend. 
I was born in Hexham but now live in London where i study BA Music Production, go to gigs, perform, and produce under the name "Xaatu". My musical tastes range anywhere from Jazz Fusion to Trap, and literally everything in-between.
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