5 Examples of Brilliant Music from around the World

5 Examples of Brilliant Music from around the World


Icelandic reggae is a brilliant fusion of one of the world’s most beloved music genres and the peaceful chill that comes guaranteed with Icelandic music. Hjalmar is one of Iceland’s favourite bands and they’ve released six brilliant albums to date. With tracks such as Borgin, Til þín, Manstu, Hlauptu Hratt, Leiðin Okkar Allra and many others providing a wide range of quality reggae, Hjalmar deserve their reputation in Iceland. Unlike many other Icelandic bands, they never sing in English, and this is perhaps a reason they’ve never signed to a label outside of Iceland.

Other honourable mentions in Icelandic music: Seabear, Mammut, Agent Fresco


Carla Bruni was featured in the film (500) Days Of Summer which was well-known partially for its soundtrack which included artists such as The Smiths, Simon & Garfunkel, Temper Trap and Hall & Oates. Amongst these renowned artists, Carla Bruni is in great company. Quelqu’un M’a Dit is the song featured and is an example of the purity an artist can reach with a guitar and a beautiful voice. Introduced in her album of the same name, Quelqu’un M’a Dit is beautiful in its simplicity.

Other honourable mentions in French music: Jean Michel Jarre, Noir Desir, Cheb Khaled


ByeAlex performed Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix) at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, but his track Az En Roszam is a perfect example of indie-folk at its best. The composition coupled with a voice that sounds created for folk music means Az En Roszam is always a song that comes to mind when the inevitable desire for quality folk songs arise.

Other honourable mentions in Hungarian music: The Moog, Amber Smith, Poniklo


Japan has a strong relevance in western society and J-Rock remains one of the most popular forms of music to come from Japan, alongside its idols and Babymetal. Base Ball Bear is an indie-rock band from Tokyo. Their almost Libertines-like style puts clear daylight between them and the disdain that usually accompanies J-Rock from the Visual Kei era (similarities to glam rock, but a lot more controversial). They signed with a major label, EMI Japan, in 2006 and have performed at the Budokan, showing their popularity within Japan.

Honourable mentions in Japanese music: Dir En Grey, Alice Nine, The GazzettE


Pyx Lax are considered Greece’s most successful artist with 5 platinum and three gold albums, even selling more than 75’000 tickets for a show in Athens in 2011. It’s easy to hear why Pyx Lax were so popular, their catchy style and instrumentation is typical of Greek music, but with a few modern indie-folk twists they’re able to create unique but catchy tracks. Mia Synousia Mystiki is an example of this, but a diverse range of music from softer tracks, to a more traditional Greek style, and tracks with a modern feel leaves Pyx Lax long in the memory with a catalogue of songs.

Other honourable mentions in Greek music: Christos Dantis, Vasilis Karras, Sakis Rouvas

Written by Dimitri Psarianos

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