Ten Songs To Look Forward To At Evolution Emerging

Ten Songs To Look Forward To At Evolution Emerging

Evolution Emerging is here! Spotlight has put together a shortlist of songs to whet your appetite and give you a sneak peek at what to expect from the cracking line up…

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Notice It All - Joy Atlas

This tune brings blends impressive ethereal vocals mixed with synths. All in all, a short and sweet fast paced, outlandish and hypnotic experience.

Blue - Drifts

A belt out loud, percussive tune you can't help but tap your foot to. These guys promise jaunty tunes and a bright future.

New Morning - Jake Houlsby

Jake Houlsby brings with him a soulful acoustic contribution which will be sure to give anyone goosebumps. In short, this song is intimate and shoots straight for the heart.

Houses Made of Bones - Soham De

Soham De hammers us with an acoustic medley of wonderful and melancholic sounds. Managing to portray as much loaded emotion with its guitar work as it's lyrics, this track will stick with you and drag you back for another listen time and time again.

Heres a track we shot with him!

25 Years (Live at Lit and Phil) - Eva Stone

Time to slow things right down for a heart wrenching contribution from the talented Eva Stone. Piano keys accompany a seriously impressive pair of lungs on this brutally honest and vulnerable track.

Crying Lions - Hurricane

Blasting into your eardrums with some pleasantly noisy alt rock, Crying Lions lay down this addictive tune that is sure to get you moving.

Impossible Cities - Outside Your House

Bringing an enigmatic and electronic tone that the likes of (Trent Reznor) would be proud of, Impossible Cities certainly makes for interesting listening.

Keyses - Kay Greyson

This song's bouncy beat and transfixing lyrical style make this contribution from Kay Greyson a pleasure to listen to. As a very talented lyricist, we'll be keeping a close eye on her, no doubt bright, future

Girl - Mouses

The boisterous punk duo’s song ‘Girl’ offers a glimpse into a very bright and unruly future for Mouses. With plenty of fuzzy guitars and infections cries, these guys have found a perfect medium with which to show off their talent and fury.

Austerity - Eve Simpson

Eve Simpson may sound sweet and mellow but she sure as heck pulls no punches with her song 'Austerity'. In these times of turmoil and political disenchantment among young people, artists such as this are all the more important. Relevant and powerful in its own right, this song deserves your attention.


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