Top 5 Gigs from 2017 - Mandy Naumann

Top 5 Gigs from 2017 - Mandy Naumann

Picking my favourite gigs featuring local artists in 2017 wasn't easy but here they are!

Deep.Sleep '1994' Single Launch
Little Buildings 20th April 2017

This is a gig that I will treasure for some time for so many reasons.
As well as making some great friends that night, and being the start of my fond addiction to the fantastic Newcastle indie four-piece Deep.Sleep, the night stands out for its sheer electric atmosphere in a venue which is now one of my favourites in Newcastle; the cosy and welcoming Little Buildings.
Specifically put on to launch the band's upcoming single '1994', the gig was also filmed to be used as part of the song's music video.
And thanks to a totally up-for-it crowd, who eventually invaded the already crammed stage, this turned out pretty spiffing.
Check it out on YouTube to relive a little bit of that magic that night!


The Pale White
SurfCafé Tynemouth 12th and 13th May 2017

There is no doubt that these two shows at the SurfCafé will be talked about for many years to come as the Newcastle power trio continue to grow in popularity.
In a venue that the band had clearly already outgrown and sold out in mere hours, the lads ingeniously decided to add a second night with a “stripped back” theme that still gives me goosebumps even now.
Name another band that can serenade an eerily silent crowd surrounded by candle light one night only to absolutely bring the roof down in exactly the same venue the following day with their infectious choruses, epic riffs and Jack’s ferocious drumming.
What's more, the superb support performances by FEVA and Callum Pitt only made these shows even more special.


Sofar Sounds
Urban Study Newcastle 13th June 2017

How could I not have a Sofar Sounds show in my top gig list, having let me experience some of the most talented artists from across the globe in unique settings and surrounded me with like minded people on so many occasions this year.
All of these quirky and top secret gigs deserve a special mention, but this particular show stood out for featuring some unforgettable performances by Mali Hayes, Cape Cub and Tom Joshua (Pictured Below) that were truly captivating and breathtaking.


Evolution Emerging
Ouseburn Valley Newcastle 27th May 2017

Despite the equally fantastic Meet The North and Hit The North festival this spring, Evolution Emerging still stands out to me as my favourite Newcastle based music festival this year.
Perhaps because of its dedicated focus on emerging talent, as well as making use of the vast amount of iconic venues around the Ouseburn Valley.
Dashing non-stop between the likes of the Cluny, Cumberland Arms and Tyne Bar to catch my favourite acts (including Twist Helix, Callum Pitt, VITO, Shamu, The Old Pink House and many more) was hard work but the atmosphere was infectious and alluring everywhere we went.
A special highlight was catching Coquin Migale’s explosive headline set at the Cluny 2 which has etched itself into my memory and makes me giddy in anticipation for next year’s edition of this incredible event.


The Old Pink House
Think Tank Newcastle 27th October 2017

Another band that have taken over my heart and playlists in the last year are The Old Pink House, who played their second ever headline show at Think Tank in October.
Having already smashed a sellout headline show in July at Jumpin' Jacks, the Newcastle lads were clearly set on going one better.
After an incredible support set from another of my local faves, electro-rock trio Shamu, the cosmic four-piece delivered a live set full of emotionally-charged electro pop tunes; some comfortingly familiar and some brand new but all felt polished yet full of quirky charms.
And with a room full of my friendly faces the atmosphere was certainly one of the best I have ever experienced at a gig all year.


Bonus Gig

Maximo Park
Middlesbrough Event Center 17th September 2017

Special mention goes to my all-time favourites Maximo Park, who played an unforgettable set at the newly re-opened Event Centre in Middlesbrough back in September.
With ferociously manic support band Mouses, as well as the headliner's lead singer Paul Smith hailing from the nearby Billingham, the show had a real hometown feel to it; with Paul sharing numerous stories about growing up in the area.
The set was crammed full of new and old tunes alike which was delivered in the typical high-energy style that that we love so much from these North East heavyweights.
But what made it most special for me personally was that this was no less than my 40th time seeing the band live since first discovering them in 2005, and thereby adding it to the numerous amount of Park-related memories already created over those years.

max pk.jpg

All photography by the author

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