Countdown to Evolution Emerging 2017:  Interview With Keiandra

Countdown to Evolution Emerging 2017: Interview With Keiandra

This years Evolution Emerging promises to be quite something.

With acts like Coquin Migale and Lulu James on the line-up, it will surely be at the top of everyone’s list when it comes to local gigs to catch this year.

Also on the line-up is 19 year old Newcastle singer / songwriter Keiandra.
When it comes to female artists in the North East, she’s most definitely on top of her game since the release of her debut EP ‘Empty Palaces’, which proved to be quite the success.

I had the pleasure of catching up with Keiandra earlier this week for a little chat, where we discussed her plans for Evolution Emerging and exclusively revealed the name of her brand new EP!

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Claire: Congratulations on playing this year’s Evolution Emerging.
Have you got anything special planned for your slot this year, will you be performing any new tracks?

Keiandra: I have but it’s a super top secret, all I can say for now is that I’ve got a friend of mine joining me on stage, I’m very excited for it all.

There’s going to be some new material too, it’s going to be really fun showing everyone what I've been working on and where my musical self is headed in the near future.

Claire: Is there anyone you will be trying to catch at Evolution Emerging?

Keiandra: I’m excited to see Lulu James and Cape Cub, they’re both so amazing and I’m sharing the stage with them this year so it’ll be easy for me to take it all in.

Fletcher Jackson too, I played with him recently and he’s real good. I’ll definitely be hauling myself all over the shop if I can.

Claire: What can you tell me about your new EP?

Keiandra: It’s a little concept EP titled ‘The Bathroom Series’.
I’m bursting with ideas for videos, photography and artwork and I’m going to be so happy to get this out . I’m aiming to put out the lead single in May, you can expect the full EP not too long after! But you know how these things are.

Claire: You're known for the clever lyrics in your songs, have you always found the song writing process so easy?

Keiandra: All of my lyrics are drawn from real life experiences.
I try to make my songs a little cryptic so people don’t know who I’ve written the song about, but I keep the themes and events general enough for people to relate to them.

Sometimes I find myself drawn to the room where I do my music.
I try to do something every day, as I see my lyrics like a kind of personal journal.
I don’t always find it easy, but when I feel something it just spills out.

The way I write is so real to me, I hear and feel everything when I perform each one, for me every time I play them it ends up being really visual. With each lyric I write I can pin point each exact moment and place, as I can remember how I felt when I wrote them.
Its a cute feeling.

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Claire: You’ve had quite a successful year with the release of Empty Palaces and Milk Tooth, what’s next?

Keiandra: As well as all my ‘Bathroom Series’ related releases, I’ll be playing Meet The North festival, Evolution Emerging and Music Box Festival in Darlington later this year.
Lots more to come though, this is just all I can reveal for the time being!

Tickets for Evolution Emerging are £10 and are available here:

Keiandra’s single ‘Milk Tooth and ‘Empty Palaces’ EP are available from Keiandra’s official Facebook page:

Watch: Keiandra perform her latest single 'Milk Tooth'

Watch: Keiandra perform her latest single 'Milk Tooth'

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