Interview: Massa Confusa and Casual Threats

Interview: Massa Confusa and Casual Threats

April looks set to be a busy month for Massa Confusa and Casual Threats.

Having toured together last year they are off on the road again, this time on a six date tour to show off the brand new Massa Confusa compilation album: ‘Massa Confusa PRESENTS COMPILATION VOL 3’ (Available 8/4/17).

I caught up with Ally, Conor, Bazz and Ollie in Newcastle before they head off on tour to find out all about their brand new compilation, the upcoming launch and Casual Threats' slot at this year’s Stockton Calling.

Claire: How did the idea of a joint tour come about?

Bazz: It was all down to Ally, we’d been to a gig and we were all discussing it. Ally had a lot of contacts and he messaged them and asked if they could put two bands on and they said yes.

Conor: This tour is going to be better than the last one, as the venues are a lot more in keeping with us. The venues are a lot more intimate, which should appeal to people.

Ally: The venues are more appropriate and quirky and a lot more DIY.

Claire: Is there any venue on the tour you are particularly looking forward to playing?

Ollie: I’m looking forward to the Sheffield gig at West Street Live and also the first night of the tour at Tanners in Newcastle, we’ve never played Tanners before.

Bazz: I’d have to say West Street Live at Sheffield as well, they get a lot of touring bands through and they are all at the level where they are just about to break through.

Conor: I’m really looking forward to playing Chunk in Leeds, as I’ve read about it and it sounds awesome.

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Photo: Claire Jayne Allport

Claire: What can people expect from the compilation launch gig?

Ollie: It’s a small venue, hopefully there will be quite a few people there. We are celebrating Massa Confusa’s compilation. It’s Ally and Matt’s ideas which have helped us do this kind of thing. It shows the inclusiveness of the Tyneside music scene.

Ally: The playlist for the night will be the compilation. The compilation itself is free, however we will have a ‘Zine’ by Nurse Mayhem available for £2 at the launch, which accompanies the compilation and features a track by track blurb. Most people would tour a single or an album but we are doing something a little bit different by touring a compilation.

Conor: It’s not self-promoting, Ally is a bit of a veteran in terms of the local scene and what he does for it. He’s pushing Massa Confusa and us but he’s also doing it for everyone else as well, by going on tour and showing people this is what Newcastle does.

Bazz: What we are doing is going on tour representing Newcastle. The compilation features bands we’ve played with on a regular basis and it’s about getting people to listen to it.

Claire: You recently collaborated on the track ‘Secret’; do you have plans for any more collaborations?

Ollie: I’d like to, we probably will do something. We’ve got the next 2 singles done and they are going to come out in the near future.

Bazz: We haven’t talked about anything, but we would never rule anything out.

Claire: How does it feel to be included on this year’s line-up at Stockton Calling?

Ollie: It’s a celebration, we always wanted to do shows like this. With Stockton Calling you can’t put yourself forward like you can with Evolution Emerging.

Bazz: I really like that we are playing the NARC stage, as they’ve always backed us. I couldn’t have picked a better stage to be on especially with it being at The Green Room.

Claire: Are there any acts on the line up you’re particularly looking forward to seeing?

Ollie: I’m looking forward to seeing Slurs, Mongeese and Allusondrugs.

Bazz: I’m disappointed we won’t be able to catch Kingsley Chapman and Mouses, but they are both on just before us. We are going to try and catch Avalanche Party and Scalesia if we can.

‘Massa Confusa PRESENTS COMPILATION VOL 3’ is available as a free download from 8th April via

‘Secret’ featuring Casual Threats is available to download now.

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