Evo Emerging - 10 Tracks To Get Excited For

Evo Emerging - 10 Tracks To Get Excited For

With less than 2 weeks to go until Evo Emerging returns to the Ouseburn Valley, the excitement levels here at Spotlight are on the rise!

This is the perfect time to start putting together a playlist to get you in the mood and start planning which of the many talented up-and-coming artists to see.

And if you need a little inspiration, we have put together a shortlist of our favourite tracks from acts we are looking forward to below.

Click here for full line-up information and final tickets.

Callum Pitt – You better Sell it While you Can

A beautiful pop–folk rollercoaster awaits you with this beautiful track from singer songwriter Callum Pitt; taking you from beautiful piano chords to its totally danceable chorus and back again, leaving you wanting to hear it again and again.

The Old Pink House – So Bad

A perfect blend of electro beats, guitar riffs and a super catchy chorus, this track by Newcastle-based The Old Pink House will have you singing along to its utterly relatable lyrics in no time. “How am I supposed to love you now that you have been so bad”; I think we have all been there.

Shamu – Where to Land

The trio's latest release “Where To Land” will take you on an epic journey, setting off with an imposing drum solo before being joined by the bands characteristic mix of catchy electronic sounds, guitar riffs and mellow vocals. Before it’s time to land the song takes yet another turn with a stylish synth-beat and riffs section which is out of this world.

Llovers – Borderlands

“Borderlands” is dreamy guitar-pop at its finest. The subtle catchy beats, melodic riffs and llovely vocals combined with the ambiguous lyrics will transport you away to another place far beyond any borders.

Blesh – Fell For it

Grungy guitar riffs and dark, punchy lyrics inspired by modern life await in this Blesh track.
It’s almost impossible to not get caught up in the mood created and totally let loose when the chorus hits.

Coquin Migale – Plans

Despite already having already delivered a raft of great tunes, “Plans” might their best.
A perfect mix of mellow lyric-loaded verses and an exploding chorus, this song will have you singing along and head-banging in equal measures.

Cape Cup – Swim

A pure and simple heartbreaker of a song. Cap Cup’s gorgeous voice asking you to choose between 2 fundamental emotions - love and hate. Accompanied by the a simple but beautiful guitar melody, there is no doubt “Swim” will leave you drowning in an emotional puddle for some time.

Twist Helix – Pulse

With one of the most profound and dark intros to a song, “Pulse” aims tells the story of a futuristic Ousburn Valley taken over by greedy property developers. Bea’s echoing voice is quite something to behold as she declares “Silence – no beating here now” before the track concludes into an grand keyboard and drum finale. 

Mat Hunsley – Dropping

Mat’s soothing voice and beautiful lyrics will paint strikingly clear images in your mind as if you were there right with him. All whilst the gentle sounds of the acoustic guitar strums along. Simply mesmerising.

Fletcher Jackson – Live a Lie

Expect a toe-tapping indie-rock anthem with this banger from Fletcher Jackson. With a voice made for rock n roll and catchy guitar rhythms to match this song fully embodies the feeling of wanting to breaking free : “Chains, Chain, Chains – I’ll break mine” 

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