The Old Pink House: Tour Announcement & Interview!

The Old Pink House: Tour Announcement & Interview!

"I’d say it’s a bit like getting punched in the face with a rainbow whilst on acid. In the best way possible..."

Cosmic pop outfit The Old Pink House have gone from strength to strength since the release of their first single 'So Bad' in late 2016.
And they didn't stop there, with the equally catchy but haunting 'Cruel' and their most recent single 'Take It Out on Me' both receiving massively positive responses from music lovers far and wide.

It comes as no surprise therefore that the band are now ready to embark on their first headline tour.
Starting things off on 14th June, the band will play shows in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Leeds before finishing off with a hometown gig at Newcastle’s Jumpin' Jacks on 21st July which is guaranteed to be a sell-out show.

The North East based four piece are made of Christopher Brown (guitar/vocal), James Grant (keyboard), Max Middleton (drums) and Harry Smith (bass).
Together they create a rather unique and difficult to pigeon-hole style of music which sits somewhere between dream pop and electro rock accompanied by some very emotionally charged lyrics.
However, you can expect incredibly catchy beats full of melancholy vibes delivered with high energy that will have you grooving along before you know it.

Having already supported bands such as the Amazons and the Sherlocks; as well as performing at various festivals in recent months (including headlining the BBC Introducing Stage as part of Evo Emerging) the lads are certainly no strangers to performing live.

Before the band hit the road we had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Chris to find out a little bit more about the band, the tour and what else fans can expect:

Congratulations on announcing your first headline tour. Definitely a big step for any band. How are you feeling about hitting the road? Anything in particular you're looking forward to whilst on tour?

Chris: "We’re just excited to get out and play some shows around the country. We’ve already played in Leeds, at The Church supporting The Sherlocks, which was amazing, but we’ve heard that Scottish crowds are pretty wild so we’re excited to get up to Glasgow and Edinburgh. We’re pumped for playing Manchester as well, seeing as it has such a legendary reputation for music."

You’ve also just announced a home town gig at Jumpin' Jacks in July, one of Newcastle's go-to venues for up and coming bands with a real intimate feel. Was there a particular reason why you chose it? 

Chris: "I think Jumpin’ Jacks is one of the venues at the epicentre of North East music. It feels like a bit of a rite of passage for a band like ours taking its first big step into headlining their own shows. Plus we’ve seen a bunch of great bands there and when it goes off, everyone gets sweaty and rowdy and just has a good time."

Judging from the crowd's reactions during your recent sets at Hit the North and Evo Emerging I expect things to get very lively. But for anyone who hasn’t seen you play live yet, how would you describe your live shows? 

Chris: "I’d say it’s a bit like getting punched in the face with a rainbow whilst on acid. In the best way possible."

Digging a little bit back into the past of the band. Tell us how it all started. In particular when and how did you all meet? 

Chris: "I started the band more as a bedroom recording project early last year. Before then, I had been involved a few bands and projects that didn’t work out, so I was a bit burned out on music and took some time off. I eventually got the itch again and started just experimenting with songs and sounds before I eventually tried to get a proper band off the ground. Max was the first to get involved, as we’d played together in a previous band that didn’t get off the ground. From there, we underwent a few line-up changes before Harry and James got on board. Even though The Old Pink House has technically been a ‘thing’ longer, I feel like the band has only really been truly going since January."

All of your tracks released so far have been received incredibly well with some impressive Spotify plays including your new single 'Take It Out On Me'.
How does that compare to your expectations when you first started putting music out there?

Chris: "It’s been incredible and we didn’t expect it at all. We first put our debut single 'So Bad' online late last year with basically no backing or support and Spotify seemed to just find it and give it a platform on their playlists, so we owe them a lot."

We have heard you have been back in the studio again already. Are you working on new material? Can we expect the release of an EP at some point soon?

Chris: "We have been working on some new tracks, which we’re very excited to unveil soon, but we don’t want to say too much about them yet. We might put something new out just before our show next month…" 

Full details of the tour and how to get tickets can be found here:
14 June - La Bell Angele, Edinburgh Tickets:
15 June - The Garage, Glasgow Tickets:
16 June - The Peer Hat, Manchester Tickets:
17 June - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds Tickets:
21 July - Jumpin Jacks, Newcastle Tickets:

You can also find the band on the following social media and streaming sites:
Twitter @theoldpinkhouse

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