Quick Fire Reviews : August Edition

Quick Fire Reviews : August Edition

As part of a new feature we decided to bring you some quick fire reviews for the latest releases from some of best North East artists around.
Check out our Soundcloud playlist too which is updated with these new tracks every week so you never miss out! 

Shamu - The Sorry Window
Released 3.8.17

This modern day electro-pop lullaby by Newcastle based trio Shamu will lure you in from the moment the first soothing synth sounds and gentle guitar riffs hit your eardrums, and will keep on holding onto you until the very last second of this staggering 5:19 track.
With a midway transformation into a frenzied symphony of electronic sounds and drum beats 'The Sorry Window' is sure to make you hit repeat on this track as soon as it reaches its sudden end.

James Leonard Hewitson - Sometimes
Released 4.8.17

Sometimes is a straight to the point pop song that delivers without the need of any extra bells and whistles. Add to that the fact that it is a real guilt free singalong track thanks to its infectious chorus of “Sometimes all I need”.

Gallery Circus - Sugar
Released 10.8.17

Dynamic twin-duo Gallery Circus from Newcastle have finally dropped their long-awaited tune 'Sugar' as part of their new EP Chi-Town Dogs, which also features a track of the same name and previously released bangers Holland On Fire and The Flood. A super charged “quicky”, Sugar will you get you rallied up and end up with a satisfied smile on your face in 2:47min flat.

Giraffes - Goodbye
Released 11.8.17

A simple yet brutally candid acoustic track by Hartlepool indie band Giraffes, 'Goodbye' lays bare the soul's darkest thoughts of a seemingly hopeless state of mind.
'Goodbye' should be celebrated for being a beautiful song which draws attention to such a widely impacting, and undiscussed, issue of mental health.

Dome Hall - Sugarray
Released 11.8.17

Following up from their heart-wrenchingly beautiful track 'Nason', Newcastle five-piece Dome Hall have just released their new spin-tingling chill out single 'Sugarray'.
With its perfect harmonies, idyllic glockenspiel and deep saxophone it’s makes a perfect soundtrack for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Mosaic Sun - Living In The Future
Released 11.8.17

A text-book indie electro-pop track, 'Living In The Future' hooks the listener with its catchy chorus, beautiful vocals and upbeat vibes. Despite having formed back in 2015 this is the Newcastle band's first official single which is also accompanied by an official video capturing some of their energetic live performances.

Great Waves – Change the World / Solace EP
Released 11.8.17

Despite 'Change the World' having been out for a few weeks, Great Waves have just released their new EP 'Solace' which this fantastic feel good track is part of.
An utterly adorable song which is impossible not to fall in love with thanks to its catchy rhythm and ever so relatable theme of a classic Netflix and chill evening with your sweetheart.
A clear choice for a single, yet in excellent company of the 5 other strong tracks on this brilliant indie-pop EP.

Peace Frog - Dilate
Released 18.8.17

Leeds/Sunderland four-piece Peace Frog have finally released their hotly anticipated tropical indie banger 'Dilate' which we previewed a few weeks ago.
Summery sounds, stunning harmonies and an infectious chorus that's impossible not to dance along to - what more could you want!

Beautiful Ruins - Friday Night
Released 18.8.17

The latest single by Darlington’s Beautiful Ruins will make a perfect addition to any summer playlist, with its chilled out riffs and lead-singer Lily’s classically beautiful and powerful voice. The five-piece ambient indie band are fairly new to the scene but are already showing us their distinct style which this stunning track.

Mayfare - Dawn
Released 18.8.17

An incredibly strong debut single from indie group Mayfare who have already been creating a storm with their high-energy live shows over the last few months. With a distinct vibes, hearkening back to the likes of Morrissey, it’s hard not to adore this catchy indie anthem of a track. 

Parks - Parks EP
Released 18.8.17

Check out grunge-rockers Parks brand new self-titled two-track EP. Brimming with roaring vocals and riffs, both 'Pamela' and the 'Sun and Ice Tea' are absolute belters from the easy-going north east trio.
Listen to the EP on Spotify here:

The Pale White - Downer
Release 23.8.17

As if we were expecting anything less than a banger from Newcastle's unstoppable power trio The Pale White. Already a live show favourite, Downer is as anthemic as a song can get, with its catchy riffs and the sheer amount of stupendous sing-out-loud lyrics (especially when the Toon’s infamous Gotham Town gets a mention).
The track will also feature on the band's long awaited self-titled EP which is due out on the 29th of September.

Headclouds - Flowers
Release 25.8.17

Melancholic guitar pop that will reel you in within an instant. With its blooming melodies and moody riffs, flowers is the first single from the Newcastle based indie four-piece and sets a pretty high benchmark for what to expect from these guys in the future.

Picnic – Bill You Murray Me?
Released 31.08.17

This sugar sweet pop ballad is the latest track from cult folk-pop band Picnic.
With its laid back melodies and quirky lyrics (which give special mention to one of cinemas most iconic pairings: Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray) it’s definitely getting us excited for the release of the band’s new EP 'Nothing To Write Home About, on the 16th of September. 

Baker Island - Write Home
Released 5.8.17

Ahead of the release of their 2nd album 'Restless Legs' on the 25th of August, Baker Island have treated us to noisey pop-rock banger 'Write Home'. which more than makes up for it’s fuzzy lyrics with its energetic and raucous melodies.


You can also check out all of these tracks and more in our Soundcloud playlist below!

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