EP Review: Peace Frog's 'A Message For People At Home'

EP Review: Peace Frog's 'A Message For People At Home'

It’s been a little while since we last heard from the upbeat indie band Peace Frog, specifically when we covered the release of their ray-of-sunshine tune 'Dilate' late last year.

But it seems their time has been well spent, working hard on their debut EP 'A Message for People at Home', which is no easy task when band members are based in Leeds as well as the North East.

Officially released on the 31st of December in association with Monomyth Records (and featuring some pretty wicked cover art created by Rat Stamp Musician Artwork we must say!) the EP opens with a track as comforting as its namesake, 'Milky Tea', and immediately unleashes the first dose of tropical influences.
With rhythms as shimmering as the blue sea, a generous splash of rocky riffs and lyrics that will make your ears perk up in curiosity, it’s the perfect feel good tune.

You will definitely want to grab your shades for the 2nd track on the EP; the previously released blinder of a debut single 'Dilate'.
Its infectious bongos and seductive maracas had us hooked from the first listen and its still working its summer magic on us now.
You can read our full review of the track here.

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The pace swiftly picks up a notch as third track 'Friction' kicks in and hooks instantly. Previously released as a demo, the song has definitely evolved with the band. Still incredibly catchy and with some very punchy lyrics, but with an increased tempo and the addition of the band's now trademark use of exotic instruments. What's not to love!

In keeping with the summery theme; 'Bless Your Soul' is the perfect holiday romance. Alluring, impulsive and over in a flash; yet never forgotten. It’s definitely a little more mellow but it still has plenty of that hip–shaking rhythm, those jangly guitar melodies and of course those stunning vocals that make those bittersweet lyrics hit you deep.

The title track slows the pace yet again to let striking vocals and harmonies come to the forefront. Still keeping that incredibly infectious rhythm it's the perfect way to sign off inon this scorching EP, like a picture postcard from your trip away - 'A Message For People At Home'.

Peace Frog’s distinct blend of down-to-earth indie pop with far-flung sounds and rhythms is what makes them stand out from the crowd. Which is also why we have tipped them as part of our Secret Gems of 2018 list.
'A Message For People At Home' is a sure sign of a big year ahead for a band which only formed in 2016. And with a slot at this years Independent Venue Week in Leeds already booked we eagerly anticipate more live show to be announced soon - so be sure to follow Peace Frog on their social media to keep up with all the latest news.

'A Message for People at Home' is already available to purchase on Bandcamp and will also soon arrive on iTunes and all major music streaming sites. And if you’re super quick, the band are also giving away 100 FREE downloads of the track 'Milky Tea' – check out their bandcamp to grab yours before it’s too late!

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