Gig Review: Deep.Sleep/Mayfare/Salsola/Able's Army @ Cumberland Arms

Gig Review: Deep.Sleep/Mayfare/Salsola/Able's Army @ Cumberland Arms

The location of this event was the first thing that drew me to this gig, however the lineup soon proved its worth with local artists who demonstrated some undeniable talent through their charismatic charm.

First to the stage were the local lads Mayfare who displayed punchy indie rock with an alternative essence. Despite being the night’s openers, Mayfare were one of the more well-known bands on show. As they strummed their first note, they seemed to have an air of charisma about them, and clear influences from the likes of Sundara Karma oozed from the 4 piece. After an electrifying start with their various singles and tunes that have yet to be released, the band brought an atmosphere which was needed to kick start this event in style. This band know how to put together a terrific set which is the reason for their early success and why they have been recognised as one of the more promising up and coming indie bands in the region.


Next up in line were Salsola, showcasing their tone and twangy guitar licks predominantly from their EP ‘An Ordinary Thrill’. The band quickly made it apparent why they have been acknowledged by BBC Music and have been given the attention they deserve. The lead singer’s impressive vocals complimented the bluesy riffs with thick bass lines in equal measure. Salsola are everything you want to see from an upcoming band, complete with strong melodies and guitar riffs which left the crowd in a brief daze.


The penultimate offering of the night was Able’s Army.
Rising from Huddersfield, the trio took to the stage and showed the crowd what they’re made of. With relishing guitar tones, and a whole load of bass, they brought together an atmosphere which is key for an upcoming band. Their influences nod to the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Arctic Monkeys while still keeping their own tracks original and fresh. I got the feeling that this band are more experienced than their 2 years together suggests and their tune ‘The Brewery Tour’ is perhaps reminiscent of The Cribs’ early tracks with some tried and true britpop chord progressions. This band brought everyone together in collective joy before the headline band emerged onto the stage, well done guys.


The anticipation in the air was immense for the headline band Deep.Sleep due to their considerable following. They brought with them a wide variety of tracks to fuel the audience with and showed an effortless ability to interact and involve new and old fans alike; just one reason why they have been so successful.
The chiming guitars evoke comparisons to the likes of Peace, and yet with their melodic vocals they shine with originality. I have been eagerly waiting to see Deep.Sleep for a while as they are everything you would want a live band to be, and the charisma of the lads goes hand in hand with their invigorating style and sound.
We can only hope for more from this 4 piece in the future as they go on to grow and broaden their track listing for future gigs. Tonight though, their set was polished and played in superb form, a great way to end a night filled with superb bands.


Photography by the author.

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