Quick Fire Reviews: February Edition

Quick Fire Reviews: February Edition

February may be short month, but it's definitely not short of absolutely epic new releases from some of the hottest local artists.
Check out our quick fire reviews below:

Llovers - Just Lust
Released 30th Jan

Darlington’s dream-pop favourites Llovers’ latest track is an initial slow burner that tantalizes with its haunting harmonies and heartbeat rhythm. Yet, like a surge of bottled up emotion the track unexpectedly bursts to life with an uproar of shimmering guitar, throbbing drums and intense vocals that truly make this track live up to its name.
'Just Lust' is a temptation worth giving into.

Anthony Vacher - Safe
Released 2nd Feb

Sublimely youthful tones and heart-wrenching acoustic vibes are in abundance in singer-songwriter Anthony Vacher's latest release 'Safe'. Echoing and shimmering, it’s a highly emotive track that deserves to be indulged from start to end to fully appreciate the promising talent laid down by this emerging north-east artist.

Twist Helix - Ouseburn
Released: 9th Feb

This latest release from our favourite electronica trio is the ultimate disco-ball synth-pop anthem which takes its name from Newcastle’s cultural hotspot 'Ouseburn'. Mighty vocals and pounding drums help create a powerful suspense which helps further heighten the anticipation to the tracks highly addictive and danceable chorus that we just can’t get enough of.
A strong contender to be our favourite Twist Helix track to date.
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Sam Fender - Friday Fighting
Released: 16th Feb

Kicking in with a rhythm like a pulsing heart-beat, Sam Fender’s latest release packs a real punch. Trademark soulful vocals tell the tale of testosterone filled nights whilst pounding guitars give 'Friday Fighting' a satisfying rock twang that is hard to resist.
A real weekend anthem you can count on to set you up for a wild night out.

Cape Cub - Come Around
Released: 16th Feb

No longer a local secret, Cape Cub’s emotionally driven indie-pop is starting to take hold far beyond the bands teesside home. Their latest pop-ballad 'Come Around' perfectly blends stunning acoustic vibes with groovy synth-pop flavours that has its despairing and heartfelt lyrics woven so deeply into it, you are forgiven for shedding a tear as the powerful chorus erupts in it’s overwhelming force.
Cape Cub at its best!

Giraffes - Run
Released 16th Feb

The subtle twanging rhythm in this latest release by the Hartlepool indie-rock duo provides the perfect backdrop for the captivating lyrics of this tale of carefree love. Simple in composition perhaps, but 'Run' is impossible not to adore.
Giraffes certainly have honed their craft at creating these raw indie tracks that we can’t stop falling for.

Sauvage - Synthetic Silence
Released: 16th Feb

A track we have eagerly awaited the release of, 'Synthetic Silence' is a dream-rock anthem full of beautiful melodies and darkly twisted lyrics. The intro mesmerizes with its shimmering guitars, gentle drums and striking vocals. Yet as the track continues to grow in exuberance the built up tension soon erupts to let it’s fierce alt-rock persona emerge, brimming with heavy riffs and pounding drums. Synthetic Silence is testament for why we picked Sauvage for our Secret Gems of 2018 list.

The Pale White - Loveless
Released 23rd Feb

This highly anticipated release by Newcastle's big-time rockers The Pale White is anything but loveless. No time is wasted as the track’s fierce pace takes control and is barely tamed by lead singer Adam’s seductive lyrics and spine-tingling vocals. With the bands trademark heavy riffs and forceful drum beats throughout the head spinning chorus is on equal par with the rest of the track, making 'Loveless' another banger to add to the band's already extensive repertoire of epic rock anthems.

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