EP Review: Elephant Memoirs'  'No Pressure, No Rush'

EP Review: Elephant Memoirs' 'No Pressure, No Rush'

No Pressure, No Rush is the third EP from Gateshead-based pop-rock band Elephant Memoirs. All six tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered a The Garage Studios, South Shields.

'Homework' is a great choice to start the EP off; meaty guitar riffs accompany passion-fueled lyrics. There’s a stop-start style on this song that will put every rock fan in a feel-good place.

Pink isn’t a song as such. It’s thirty seconds of the band members speaking the words “no pressure, no rush” on a loop, with a keyboard screech crescendo. This felt a bit cringeworthy and needless for me. If this had been at the start of the EP then I could see the link. But anyway, it doesn’t last long before the next song…

'A Little Metaphor' has a distinct Blink 182 feel to it; everything in the song is delivered at a fast driven pace. A good song for the car journey.

'Ether' is a song that that has various tempos within it, which requires more effort than normal to listen to. Three-quarters of the way through it seems to find its proper rhythm with an anthemic rocking out to the end.

'Orange' is another non-song of electronic keys for thirty seconds which feels like it should be an intro to the last song...

'Complete Responsibility' is a track with a more indie tinge to it.
There’s a good rhythm throughout this song which will have you tapping fingers, feet, and anything else along to it.
If Elephant Memoirs get their stuff on national radio, this song would be a big hit. Easily my favourite track of the EP.

The whole EP has a pleasing brit-pop/punk feel along with heavy guitar rock accompanying each track, yet the band manage to get across their own unique style.
You can tell from this latest collection of tracks that the band are overflowing with energy and ideas that keep them fresh and interesting to both new and old listeners.
If these new songs are in their current live set then this band will be a force to be reckoned with on the circuit.

'No Pressure, No Rush'  is out now and available on all major online sites.


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