Quick Fire Reviews: March Edition

Quick Fire Reviews: March Edition

With spring seemingly oppressed by more cold weather this month, we are lucky to have had so many scorching new tracks released by North East artists to keep our spirits high. Check out our quickfire reviews of some of our favourites below:

Little Comets – M62
Release Date: 2nd March

Ahead of their huge upcoming UK tour, local indie legends Little Comets have treated their fans to a brand-new feel-good tune. Telling tales of pounding the roads to be with your significant other, M62 is endearingly relatable and will have you hooked with its infectious acoustic-funk rhythm and hypotonic chorus that grows more addictive with every listen. It’s already right up there as one of my favourite Little Comets tunes.

The Old Pink House – Expectations
Release Date: 2nd March

As a powerful marching synth-rhythm domineers throughout, dazzling vocals passionately deliver those distinctive bittersweet lyrics to provide a striking contrast to the rainbow-coloured feel-good melodies. Add to that a generous helping of sparkling electro vibes and glistening guitar riffs to make Expectations another irresistible and well-crafted synth-pop banger by this high-rising Newcastle quartet.

Ghost // Signals – Queen of The Oxygen Thieves
Release Date: 15th March

With an immediate hard-rocking energy and urgency, this latest noise-filled anthem by Ghost // Signals is as exhilarating as its title suggests. Heavy drums, thrashing guitars and a punk-pop-esque chorus that is as clever as it is catchy. Queen of The Oxygen Thieves is a breath-taker of a tune proving that these lads are going from strength to strength. Check out the superb video for this tune too, very eye-catching indeed!

Fever Days - Hey
Release Date: 2nd March

After one-man-band Fever Days' first mind-blowing release 'Bored' in January, this 2nd dose of edgy electro-indie-rock is just as impressive. Ferocious funky melodies, jamming guitars and candid lyrics provide an exhilaratingly unpredictable sound like no other currently out there – and with Fever Days’ debut gig looming we are excited to see this unique project take things to the next level.

Mayfare – Petty Thoughts
Release Date: 7th March

Seductively swaying guitar rhythms and bluesy vocals make Petty Thoughts an utterly dreamy indie tune that will swiftly put you under its spell. Only the 2nd release by youthful four-piece Mayfare, their lyrics are far from adolescent and provide plenty of food for thought alongside the beautifully floating melodies.

Sleeptape – Benefit
Release Date: 23rd March

With the opening lyrics of “For the many not for the few” you won’t be hard pressed to find the inspiration for this belting tune by rockers Sleeptape. With its powerfully rousing vocals and explosive riff-roaring chorus, 'Benefit' is a political anthem that is easy to get behind and will have you singing and moshing along in adoration in no time at all.

Callum Pitt – Happiness
Release Date: 9th March

Local favourite Callum Pitt brings pure delight to our hearts with this utterly uplifting folk pop number. Like a warm spring day, Happiness will leaving you feeling like you’re floating on cloud nine thanks to angelic vocals, joyful lyrics and glimmering guitar rhythms. If this song doesn’t put a smile on your face, nothing will.

Bruto - Everybody Knows (You’re A Messed Up Piece Of)
Release Date: 12nd March

Fierce, outspoken and with a healthy helping of anger, Bruto most definitely don’t shy away from expressing their built up frustrations in their music. And idiot-defiant punk-rock anthem 'Everybody Knows' is as loud as it gets with thrashing guitars and drums for days. And oh my, shouting along to those boisterous lyrics is just a real joy.

Post Rome – Six Feet
Release Date: 25th March

Sunderland based hard-rockers Post Rome have made an unexpected leap back onto our playlist with their explosive third release “Six Feet” . This high-speed punk-rock tune grabs you and shakes you about hard with its heavy riffs, ferocious drums and vocals that are full of enthralling flamboyance.

Shawshank – You Get Around
Release Date: 26th Feb

Sneaked onto our radar a little late, this debut single by Newcastle based alt rockers Shawshank is lo-fi delight full of hefty riffs and striking drum rhythms. Allusively dark lyrics send a shiver down your spine as quivering vocals further hence the song's broody atmosphere. A seductively ominous track full of rocking melodies to get lost in.

The Phosphenes – All Night
Release Date: 23rd March

Despite having established themselves across the north east music scene for some time, All Night is the Phosphenes’ debut single and it’s certainly been worth the wait.
With classic brit-pop and punk influences strewn throughout it hits all the right spots with its satisfying riffs, night-time antic lyrics and high-hitting rasping vocals.

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