Ceiling Demons Collab For a Great Cause and a Gorgeous Vinyl

Ceiling Demons Collab For a Great Cause and a Gorgeous Vinyl

Alternative hip hop group Ceiling Demons have proved once again that their heart and creativity knows no bounds. 

Collaborating with Darlington-based DIY label Butterfly Effect, the band are set to release a very special vinyl version of their album ‘Nil’ which was released in September 2017. 

Our full review of the album can be found here, but long story short we were blown away by its diverse themes and the crushing beauty of its depth and honesty. 

But if, somehow, you’re not already sold on this rerelease there’s more good news…

In keeping with their reputation for advocating and raising awareness for mental health issues, they have chosen to team up with Teesside-based charity, Men Tell Health and will contribute profits from this release to their vital cause. 

When asked about their chosen mental health charity, Ceiling Demons were keen to express their support for the organisation:

“We’ve worked with several mental health charities in the past and are advocates of supporting causes that make a difference in this field as it is one that has affected us on many levels with suicide being the biggest taker of young lives in the UK, a harrowing figure that is particularly high in Northern regions of England.

The album itself explores these difficult, and often stigmatised subjects, weaving through tales of sorrow with glimpses of hope and solidarity, a notion clearly reflected in the band’s desire to help shed light on such an important issue:

“With funding being difficult to attain, profits from the vinyl will be donated toward the charity. It’s all about giving back and trying to make a difference, where possible, within the local community.”

Their collaborators on the project, Butterfly Effect, approached the band about releasing their album on vinyl after listening to ‘Nil’ and witnessing them play at the Songs From Northern Britain showcase event last year:

“As we’ve been aware of the Darlington based label since their first release (The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens) and admire their aesthetic and drive to support local music, it was an offer we couldn’t turn down, a cause and an effect.”

Due to be released on the 8th of June, the striking splattered black on white LPs will have a limited run of 250, including 100 special deluxe versions with exclusive extras.


These will be available at a pre-launch event as part of a headline show at Music Box Festival in Darlington on the 3rd of June, with the official release scheduled for the 8th of June. 

In addition to this event, the band has several other North East live dates booked to tie in with the release including Whirling Dervish (TSOne) in Middlesbrough on the 7th of June and Sound It Out Records in Stockton on the 9th of June. 

Ceiling Demons are also running a single campaign for their track ‘Without Certainty’ to coincide with the LP reveal, a track which they feel epitimises the album in its contrasting light and dark themes of nature and an all-or-nothing view of existence.

Influences for Without Certainty are mixed; it addresses the precipice of existence and touches on psychological observations, habitual patterns, hermetic ideologies, illusions and dualities with an emotive soundscape which taps into sonic undercurrents of an Icelandic origin. In essence it is a call & a response from the living to the deceased.

You can preorder the vinyl on the band’s Bandcamp here: 



03rd June - Darlington, music box festival

07th June - Middlesbrough, Tsone

09th June - Stockton-on-Tees, sound it out records (3pm)

06th July - London, Sebright arms (tbc)

18th July - Leeds, wharf chambers (tbc)

21st July - Newcastle-upon-Tyne, northern electric festival

03rd August - Richmond, north Yorkshire, Richmond live

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