Quick Fire Reviews: April Edition

Quick Fire Reviews: April Edition

It took just a few summery days in April to have the North East music scene absolutely blooming and treat us to a stunning bouquet of new releases.
Check out our quick fire reviews below:

Shamu ft. Sagaboi – Up In Arms
Release Date 27/4/2018
In perfect Shamu-style, 'Up In Arms' lures you in with a glistening synth intro which slowly adds layer upon layer of sounds and beats to create an intensely enchanting electronica melody. By now the scene is perfectly set for two very different yet both very emotional vocal performances by lead singer Jon as well astoundingly talented rapper Sagaboi.
A brilliantly empowering track which perfectly showcases the impressive spectrum of musical talent emerging from the region.

Duchess - Rachel
Release Date 27/4/2018
Despite having released 2 EPs in the past, 'Rachel' signifies the debut single for Gateshead three piece Duchess. Lead singer Callum’s vocal performance is gleaming with sheer power and emotion as the track somehow effortlessly features heavy rock riffs and drums beats alongside stunning melodic intervals. An absolutely divine alt-rock tune that is not afraid to show its softer side and perfectly captures the unique Duchess’ sound.

Lhymes - Looks Like Rain
Release Date 26/4/2018
The third release by recently formed four-piece Lhymes is a beautiful shoegaze track with an intensely nostalgic tinge thanks to its psychedelic guitar melodies and laid back vocal harmonies throughout. 'Looks Like Rain' certainly will have you hypnotised right from the very first drop of an impending musical lightening storm.

Plaza - In The Know
Release Date 25/4/2018
Hartlepool band Plaza return with another big slice of broody alt-rock in  the form of their new single 'In The Know', which also signifies their first release under Clue Records. Softening the mellow and reticent vocals with synth-based beats and melodic riffs are what make this track quietly alluring, but it’s the eruption of riff-laden and fiery chorus full of attitude that makes 'In The Know' a track everyone should be in the known about.

A Festival, A Parade – Cold Shower
Release Date 24/4/2018
Broody alt-rockers A Festival, A Parade make a highly anticipated return with latest release 'Cold Shower', which most definitely provides a welcome shock to the senses with its heavy riffs and rousing beats. Trademark sombre vocals perfectly create a mysteriously enticing atmosphere that will all too easily drag you under its strong melodic current. Having recently signed to the North-East based label Tipping Point 'Cold Shower' is also the first track of the Newcastle band's forthcoming EP 'Stay Away From Me'.

Fletcher Jackson - Prelude
Release Date 21/4/2018
'Prelude' shouts and quakes with its various spectrums of musical influences whilst spine-tingling vocals powerfully stir the emotions in this ode to everything wrong with the world today. The use of clever samples and an irresistible beat in this latest release by Newcastle five-piece band Fletcher Jackson certainly add another dimension to their already unique sound which has us intrigued for what is to follow this exiting prelude.

The Pale White - Peace Of Mind
Release Date 13/4/2018
By now a household name far beyond the North East, the pressure is now really on for The Pale White to keep on producing highly explosive bangers. And 'Peace of Mind' is most definitely right up there with the rest. This unforgiving bluesy-rock anthem will set you straight with its head-smacking riffs and Adam’s unrelentingly fiery vocals that hold nothing back, perfectly finished off with a another dangerously twisted riff at the end. What's not to love.

Hollow Legs - Sands
Release Date 13/4/2018
Newcastle four-piece Hollow Legs’ latest release is a punchy punk-rock tune that is rather unpredictable. Reeled in by it’s captivating beat there are also tangents of dark psychedelic vibes and a incredibly fierce guitar interlude. Yet lead-singer Stu’s strikingly powerful vocals remain the persevering vocal point to make this a superb release that we dig big time.

Evil Bone - In Vain
Release Date 9/4/2018
Mysterious new psych-pop project Evil Bone have released their debut single 'In Vain' this month and it certainly has our senses tingling. With it’s super-chilled guitar rhythms, hypnotising vocals and experimental electronica influences this track is certainly going onto our Summer playlist to soak up the rays to and already has us eager to hear more from these guys. Nothing in vain at all about this tune.

The Yada Yada Yadas – Woke Up Strange
Release Date 6/4/2018
'Woke Up Strange' instantly pulls you in with its pop-punk vibes and melodic chorus, yet more impressively it features an interval of heavy guitar riffs and powerful vocals that easily switch between mellow moments and outright scream-tastic highs. There is no denying that Durham alt-rockers the Yada Yada Yada’s are really are starting to make a name for themselves not only for their live performances but with strong releases as proven by this incredible stuck-in-a-rut anthem.

Penguin - Get Me Out
Release Date 6/4/2018
This first official release from mysterious alt-rockers Penguin has been long awaited since creating quite an impact with their impressive demos released last year which secured the Newcastle band a spot at the BBC Introducing stage at Reading and Leeds Festival. 'Get Me Out' combines an initial summery vibe with heavy punk-rock riffs and rebelling lyrics, perfectly capturing the unpredictable and humorous nature of Penguin. These guys are certainly as cool as their namesake.

Ten Eighty Trees – Something Feral
Release Date 5/4/2018
This debut release from light-hearted rockers Ten Eighty Trees had us hooked from first listen, with its screaming guitar riffs, intense beats and supercharged vocals. But it's that infectious chorus that is really bound to awaken that feral side inside of you and leave you unashamedly shouting along good and proper. An impressive first release that's setting the benchmark very high for the Newcastle/Sheffield based three-piece.

FEVA - Making Waves
Release Date 5/4/2018
Driven by lead-singer Sam’s soulfully rousing vocals and a steady toe-tapping guitar and drum rhythm, 'Making Waves' is initially a slow grower. But the unrelenting energy behind this latest release by the Newcastle four-piece FEVA continues to grow in strength before ultimately sweeping you off your feet with its conquering chorus and rocking riffs.

Llovers - A Second With You
Release Date 5/4/2018
Seductively beautiful dream-pop is what Llovers do best and their new tune 'Every Second With You' might just be their dreamiest release yet. Divine harmonies are laced with synth and guitar melodies that will have your head spinning whilst the wistful yearning lyrics leave your heart feeling all warm and fuzzy. As if a second with this song could ever be enough.

The Strands - Crystal Clear
Release Date 3/4/2018
With broody indie vibes from the word go, influences from the likes of The Strokes and Catfish and the Bottlemen are pretty undeniable (you may even say crystal clear...) in this latest release by North East rockers The Strands. Yet lead-singer Dean’s fascinatingly beguiling vocals certainly help set this band stand apart from the heavily overflowing indie scene and make 'Crystal Clear' a track worth adding to your playlists.

The Bedlams – The Prettiest People Do The Ugliest Things
Released: 02/04/2018
With a song title as striking as this one, Sunderland four-piece The Bedlams certainly have captured our interest with their latest release. Hooking guitar rhythms and candidly observant lyrics delivered with copious amounts of confidence certainly allow this youthful band to make a visible mark on the indie music scene that has us keen to hear more.

'Soham De - Brave
Release Date 30/3/2018
20-year-old singer-songwriter Soham De originates from Kings Lynn but is currently based in Durham for university whilst also busy touring the world and perfecting his craft. 'Brave' signifies his first official release and it’s been well worth the wait as it perfectly captures his beautifully husky vocals and mellow acoustic rhythms. But be warned, some bravery is required to face the emotionally charged chorus without any tissues close to hand. Absolutely magnificent.

Headclouds - Never Will
Release Date 30/3/2018
Five-piece band Headclouds will have your head well and truly afloat with their brand new single 'Never Will' full of shimmering guitar melodies and a sing-along “why-wha-a-a-a-aye” chorus. The instantly hooking shoegaze vibes are so dreamily hypnotic that despite the brutally candid slacker-love lyrics you can’t help but feel elated. The perfect tune for those sunny days.
Full review: https://spotlightuk.co.uk/articles/2018/3/30/single-review-headclouds-never-will

St Buryan - Shout
Release Date 30/3/2018
The first release of the year from dedicated North East indie band St Buryan proves that they are still a strong force to be reckoned with, despite their semi-hiatus. 'Shout' tantalises with an intro of gentle melodic guitars and soothing drum rhythms. But it's the chorus of this song that really elevates itself as it grows to rockingly roaring heights to give this smooth ballad a really uplifting energy.
Full review: https://spotlightuk.co.uk/articles/2018/4/6/single-review-st-buryans-shout

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