Quick Fire Reviews: May Edition

Quick Fire Reviews: May Edition

Summer is coming into full swing, so what better time to update your playlists by adding some of these sizzling new releases from some of the finest North East artists. Best served chilled!

Claire-Jayne - Phasing
Release Date 25/5/2018

Spine-tingly beautiful vocals and chilled summer vibes galore in this perfectly crafted debut release by Middlesbrough singer-songwriter’s Claire-Jayne that will have you longing to be topping up your tan, poolside with a cocktail in hand. But it’s the uplifting synth-pop chorus that bursts away from the soulful melodies that really give this track an edge to be a guaranteed keeper on your playlist all year around and has us eagerly awaiting the release of her upcoming EP.

Waves of Dread - Sun Shows
Release Date 21/5/2018

Newcastle noise-pop supergroup Waves of Dread have been shaking up the music scene with their high calibre demos released since emerging out of the dark a few months ago. Treading a fine line between psychedelic dark-wave and soothing sunshine shoe-gaze, 'Sun Shows' is laden with glistening guitar melodies, enthralling vocals and a firmly-rooted rhythm that make it a perfect tune for chilling to on a lazy Sunday afternoon, especially when the sun does show!

Japanese TV Club - Tommy
Release Date 25/5/2018

Released as part of the debut EP 'Cry And Compliment Me', the grungy-riffs and lo-fi vibes in 'Tommy' make for a pretty ground-shaking alt-rock banger by the Sunderland four-piece. Pounding drum beats, hefty guitar melodies and divinely dark vocals reach their peak in the concluding parts of the song to finished off on an almost psychedelic high of that is hard to come down from. But then why would you even want to!

The Escapades - Kleptomaniac
Release Date 18/5/2018

'Kleptomaniac' by freshly emerging Newcastle alt-rockers The Escapades strikes unexpectedly with its clever narrative and brit-pop-inspired guitar driven melodies that are elevated even further by lead-singer Kieran Taylor’s intensely powerful vocal performance. And you’ve just gotta love that clever midway trickery that seemingly sees the track end before sneakily returning for a second helping of fantastically hooking indie-rock. It’s stolen our hearts for sure.

Gallery Circus - Salem
Release Date 14/5/2018

Enigmatic rock-duo Gallery Circus appear more than ready to burst back onto the scene after a short disappearing act following the release of their highly eruptive EP 'Chi-Town Dogs' last summer. Their latest rock banger 'Salem' features the South-Shields born twins trademark blend of ferocious drums and churning riffs that come at you with full force whilst on-point vocals add that extra potency to the darkly alluring track that will have you under its spell as soon as it enters your bloodstream. Boldly bewitching.

Chain The Phoenix - The City
Release Date 12/5/2018

Despite describing themselves as pop-punk, North-East five-piece Chain The Phoenix go far beyond that, easily diving into depths of classic glam-rock and hard-core influences to create their very own distinct sound. Released as one of 4 tracks of their debut EP .Stories From A Lonely Cynic., the rip-roaring tune kicks off with no second to waste as lead-singer Jess’ vocals grab you instantly, effortlessly dipping between fragile tones and ferocious highs to relay terrifying woes of an abusive relationship. With tenacious riffs and relentless drum beats, the track leaves no moment to breath as a tantalisingly gentle intro leads to the explosive finale of heavy riffs and roars to throw your head around to.
Full review of the EP here.

Giraffes – Home To You
Release Date 12/5/2018

If you still haven’t caught onto Tees-side duo Giraffes’ solemn indie-rock just where have you been? Their ability to capture soul-seeking ponderings from the darkest corners of the human mind and matching them with infectious rhythms strike again in their latest release 'Home To You'. Lead-singer Oliver’s sublimely soft vocals only heighten the spine-tingling atmosphere and ensure your ears are intently hooked onto each word that will inevitably be relatable to most us, all whilst your feet tapping along on their own accord. You might just be craving a big comforting hug afterwards.

The Yada Yada Yadas - Seven Years
Release Date 4/5/2018

Durham alt-rock band The Yada Yada Yadas take another huge leap forward in their mission to make their music heard with their third release in just a matter of months. But fear not. quantity has not gone over quality for these lads as 'Seven Years' is another sublime alt-rock banger that much more accomplished bands would be proud to call their own. Distinct “Yada-ism” shine throughout with hints of 90’s pop-punk sounds blended it with slacker-indie melodies and ear-catching lead vocals that perfectly capture everyday life. But it’s that insanely off the foot-loose riff at the halfway mark that will have you unapologetically spin this track on repeat, maybe for the next seven years or so.

The Old Pink House - Jaded
Release Date 2/5/2018

Despite already being a brightly twinkling star in the sky of the emerging music-scene, The Old Pink House continue to surprise us. The release of the 2nd single of their upcoming debut EP was unexpected but 'Jaded' is by no means unfamiliar to the ears of fans as the track has been a firm live favourite for some time. Deep-cutting bittersweet lyrics are turned into a super-charged synth-pop banger thanks to the Newcastle band’s trademark glitterball melodies fused with punchy rock-riffs guaranteed to leave you far from jaded.

Palm Beach - Rainbow
Release Date 9/5/2018

This explosive 2 minute surf-rock tune by Newcastle duo Palm Beach is quite simply a rainbow of fast-pace rock’n’roll rhythms and multi-coloured summer-romance themes. Relentless and enticing like a great wave on a stormy day yet over way too soon like summer itself, its perfect summer time listening. And with the band's upcoming debut EP UNO out next month it’s time to slap on the Factor 50 with more hot tunes being forecast.

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