Single Review: Twist Helix's 'Newcastle'

Single Review: Twist Helix's 'Newcastle'

Twist Helix are back with another single shortly after the release of the fantastic 'Graphite’.

The new tune ‘Newcastle’ is yet another insightful reflection on the city that is clearly so dear to Bea, James and Matthew, and sits perfectly alongside every one of their releases to date.

The new track starts off much slower and more thoughtful than their last release, but soon returns to Twist Helix’s signature dance vibe once the bands kicks in.
‘Newcastle’ invites us into its neon futuristic world with a gentle piano hook followed by Bea’s powerful yet calming vocals, drenched in a gorgeous reverb.
As the tune progresses, we’re treated to a build-up with pulsating drums and an enveloping string pad; James’s thumping bass drum and quick tom fills are a defining feature of this track’s middle section.

The balance between the instruments and vocals is superb, with Bea’s soaring voice fitting in just the right places amongst layers of synths and rhythmic basslines.

“This city’s not sleeping, it’s dreaming…”

‘Newcastle’ features a colossal outro section characterised by a new drum groove and satisfying chord changes and, amidst the eighties inspired sequences the piano occasionally rears its head to provide lush descending melodies.
The track ends with a bombastic break that fades out into fabulous synth tails.
After hearing this section for the first time, I immediately went back to it – it’s simply excellent.

I wish this new tune had a little more variety in its arrangement however; a contrasting section with a key change or a greater shift in vocal timbre would make it a more rounded listening experience. ~
That said, the track does not fail to transport the listener into Twist Helix’s wonderfully visual world.

For me personally, Newcastle is a place where I have undergone every major emotional experience of my life, from impossible highs to the lowest of lows, and the city is both a physical and imagined home for so many creative individuals, a fact that Twist Helix epitomize every time they release a song. ‘Newcastle’ is a stellar addition to the band's discography and gets me even more excited for October’s album launch.
What is perhaps most impressive though is that this tune sounds like Twist Helix, meaning they have been able to establish a distinct vibe for people to recognise and enjoy.
I have a feeling it is only ‘up’ from here.

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