Perspective: Young Musicians in the North East (Part 1)

Perspective: Young Musicians in the North East (Part 1)

Our North East music scene is very broad and proud. Spanning across many genres, venues, artists, cultures and types of people. With such a vast community of musicians, it can sometimes be hard to get music noticed and appreciated; this, I find, is especially the case for our younger musicians.
With this in mind, I'd love to show people how brilliantly the younger guys are doing in the scene, and how each and every one of them are making a name for themselves, right off of their own backs. 

Part 1: The Artilleries, BALTIC, Lovejoy

The Artilleries are made up of Luke Porter (15, Lead guitar and vocals), Nye Dowell (17, Lead guitar and rhythm guitar), Max Lowthain (17, bass) and Lowri Dowell (20, drums).
This alternative/indie rock band have been going for 2 years, however they have had a few different members leave and join (As most bands do). The Artilleries also already have local gigs at places like the O2 Academy, Think Tank, Jumpin' Jacks, Music Lounge, Head of Steam and The Cluny under their belts. 


The band released their first single 'Save Our World' around February 2018, back when they were a 3 piece, and it was an immediate hit. 'Save Our World' gathered The Artilleries a solid following of fans and firmly planted the seed of their popularity.
Recently, since the band gathered its new members, they unveiled some new tracks such as 'Downer', 'Everyone's Doomed' and 'Broken Town'. These recent releases have helped to gather even more of a following as they explicitly speak of their home city Newcastle and life in the region, making the band seem all the more relatable and engaging.

One of the things that is most impressive about The Artilleries, is how much of an expert each member is with their corresponding instruments; years of dedication and practice enables the band members to play together with absolute ease and grace. Their live performances are extremely popular and always have a full crowd, due to their ever-growing fan base.
These guys are already one of the most popular bands on the scene, so keep an eye out for their future developments... 

BALTIC meanwhile are a group of lads from North Shields who have been playing together for about 7 months. Made up of Charlie Barlow (16, Lead Guitar and vocals), Thomas Seagrave (16, Bass), Lewis Nicholson (16, Rhythm guitar and vocals) and Luc Hindmarch (15, Drums). Playing upbeat, indie tunes centred around catchy riffs and honest lyrics about teenage life, BALTIC hope to make a career out of their music, which I think is extremely likely.
It is clear that the band have shovelled a lot of commitment and passion into their already successful careers and have a few tracks out on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes that are gaining an impressive amount of listeners.


Their debut single 'Bleak' alone, has racked up over 4.4k streams and more than monthly listeners on Spotify.
What’s more, BALTIC have played some really prestigious events such as Hit The North, Hardwick Live, Soundfest and Bingley Live while also heading some of their own gigs at various local venues including the Surf Cafe, Think Tank and Jumpin' Jacks.
As if that wasn’t enough, they've also had 2 radio interviews recently on Nova Radio and Metro Radio. 

I think that it's fair to say that BALTIC have gained a significant level of experience in such a short time, it's almost hard to comprehend.
These 4 lads have played alongside Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, Kaiser Chiefs, Happy Mondays, FEEDER, Jake Bugg and Circa Waves in a mere 7 months, and I think that that's pretty amazing. 

Finally, Lovejoy are a 4-piece rock n' roll influenced group with a good sense of humour. Made up of Ali Crackett (17, Lead guitar), frontman Dan Podwojski (17), bassist Max Lowthain (17, also in The Artilleries) and Andrew Sibbald (19) on the skins. Being a band for over 9 months now, Lovejoy had their debut gig at Think Tank in July with The Artilleries. Over 50 people came to support them and it was an amazing first gig, with the band being greeted with nothing but love and dancing. Everyone is eagerly awaiting their next appearance on the scene... 

They are influenced heavily by The Beatles, The Stooges, and Rolling Stones in their music, which explains their rock n' roll sound, and the over whelming stage presence of frontman Dan. The vibe on stage when Lovejoy play is electric and the members are all clearly connected to each other in a way that would make many more experienced bands jealous. These guys are playing music for the sheer love of it, and just for the good times. 


Lovejoy haven't released any music yet, however they hope to soon.
That all comes though, with time and practice, so I'm sure when they do, it'll be great.
Keep an eye out for any gigs with Lovejoy lined up, they're mint to see live.

Cover photo: The Artilleries  

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