EP Review: 'Be Still' by Martha Hill

EP Review: 'Be Still' by Martha Hill

The Newcastle based singer songwriter has released her debut EP and it is a smooth fairy tale that takes you on a journey through Martha’s thoughts.

“Be still my frightened mind…”

First single ‘Be Still’ is the perfect introduction for Martha’s debut piece of art.
With its low tempo rhythm and wonderful lyrics, this introduction makes you listen want to twice before moving on. All the while, intriguing orchestral sounds transform the journey into an eerie walk through the woods.

With a straight-to-the-point introduction to the song, coupled with Martha’s raspy voice, ‘Reborn’ is the stunning second single on the EP and flows perfectly on from the EP opener. A cello and its dreamy tones give the track an extra layer and make this an outstanding addition to the EP.

‘Pick Me Up’ is the powerful third track that simply demands attention as Martha chants:

“Just get your shit together, so we can fall in love!”

This is the soundtrack of most of my past crushes and will continue to be the soundtrack after every fight I have.

Next up is ‘Blindfold’ which takes the tempo and anger down a notch again to form a deliberately slow alternative pop track with intriguing harmonies.

This delightful percussion flows smoothly into the next song ‘Spiders’.
With more layers and an atmosphere filling background track, the incredibly smart melodies fit well within the rest of the songs as if the complete package was just one big dream.

The ‘intro’ to ‘Let Me Down’ is a minute long show-stopper before flowing into the closer of Martha Hill’s debut EP.
Throughout the final track her voice evokes that of Dutch folk singer/songwriter Judy Blank, I had to check twice to check if this was actually Martha…

Martha wanted this debut EP to be a “self-portrait”, something to introduce her personality and her music, and I feel like ‘Be Still’ does just that.
She stated that:

“It’s all about navigating who I am as an individual and in relation to the world around me, all the different people, relationships, situations and mental states.”

Thoroughly exploring all these factors, she manages to weave them into a tapestry, with the only common thread being her voice and her story.

In-keeping with the theme of exploration Martha described how each track was written and recorded at completely different times with different people, giving it a laid back and journey like quality.

And that feeling of being on a journey while listening to ‘Be Still’ is definitely there!

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