Bethlehem Casuals Headliner Ft. Special Guests (In Pictures)

Bethlehem Casuals Headliner Ft. Special Guests (In Pictures)

On the 30th of September 2019 we dusted off our dancing shoes and grooved away those Monday blues!
The absolutely wonderful and utterly joyous Manchester band The Bethlehem Casuals stopped by on their “Flaccid Passion“ tour and it was a pleasure to have them in our humble hometown of Newcastle.
But don’t worry, in support were three of the North East’s best and brightest to make sure we were well represented…

Luckily for us, and you guys at home, the awesome BLINDFACE was there to document the night so without further ado lets take a dive into their impressive photography and relive the amazing night!

The Distance

Sax infused indie-rock upstarts The Distance kicked things off in style, making sure we were well and truly warmed up for the night’s events with a host of banging covers and originals.

"Our sound is a weird mix of indie and classic rock with a sax added in to provide a bluesy addition to the mix. Our vibe is pretty chill, we aren't aiming to change the world just play gigs and make music together."


The openers were followed by the ever endearing and utterly addictive ska punkers Goodsprings who continued to prove just why they are at the pinnacle of well crafted music to dance and open your mind to.

“We all just like having fun together as a band, writing new songs, jamming and playing in front of an audience. I think a lot of the good we produce comes from our work rate as a band. We’re always working harder and harder to produce even better songs and create new tunes for people to enjoy.”


The Smokin’ Coconuts

Not to be outdone, the Smokin’ Coconuts quickly showed us what we’ve been missing our entire lives. The bonkers world punk eccentricities of the band were on full display and not a single groove went unappreciated.

“We've been described as sounding like Arabic Death Jazz, Zapparish, Ska, Utter Cocobollox, Dirty Motherfuckers, jazz Rock and the final insult The Red Hot Chillipeppers. It depends how everyone feels on the night it could range anywhere from savage anger to light hearted stupid fun.We hope to entertain you all and hopefully bring something to people that they haven't heard or seen before, hopefully we can piss some people off, make some people dance, make some people think and make some people smile.”


Bethlehem Casuals

Intrigue and excitement filled the air as the headliners finally took to the stage. Who were these nutty fellows sporting matching white outfits and an assortment of instruments? Well they’re a cracking bunch of entertainers is what they are!
Seamlessly blending a concoction of genres, the party was served up on a steaming tray of musicianship and just straight up good vibes that had every single foot tapping, bum wiggling and face smiling!

“In the past we’ve been described as groove gremlins, river rats, knob jockeys, mishmash music, ‘too casual’.
These have varying degrees of accuracy, but the main thing that unites us is a casual attitude to life and to music.
Our music is best defined by who’s in the band. We’re an indie/rock band that was infiltrated by a jazz saxophone, a welsh cello and some South American percussive grooves, and that’s essentially what it sounds like. We’re all doing our own thing, but we try our best to weave it together.”


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