Gig Review: Twist Helix at The Georgian Theatre

Gig Review: Twist Helix at The Georgian Theatre

It’s a rare occasion when a full line up takes your breath away, only to replace it with oxygenated adrenaline.
Twist Helix’s super-sonic celebration event at The Georgian Theatre in Stockton did just that.

But before that, captivating North East electropop duo Moodbay wasted no time at all in setting the mood.
Delicate-but-powerful vocals from Anna Stephens with melodic beats and keys provided by Alfie Cattell had our undivided attention, making this the bands’ specialty and it worked a treat. Blending harmonious vocals with dance floor vibrations, the dynamic duo’s great on-stage chemistry was a joy to behold, while their set, including a song about alien abduction, positively glowed with uplifting ambient vibes, rightfully so.

Hitting us (metaphorically) with both barrels of electronic ferocity, Scottish Synth- Punk duo Kendama, blew us all away with an electrifying set.
The guys lived and breathed every single second of music during their wild performance that ripped up the stage time and again with an abundance of fully charged energy from lead singer Stuart, who gave the Tasmanian Devil a run for his money!

Giving an equally anthemic and engaging set from start to finish, Kendama didn’t hold back when it came to performing with pure kinetic energy and a mighty heart-on-sleeve passion.

But, after such a strong set of supports, what happened next was nothing short of…SPECTACULAR!

Twist Helix have well and truly exceeded our expectations but they still had a few surprises in store.
The scene was set with a visually stunning projected backdrop featuring their latest album’s art work (designed by the skillful Trevor Storey), depicting a futuristic Newcastle’s Grey Street Monument resplendent in all it’s Blade Runner style glory.

We were going wild already, and that’s just because the band had walked on stage!


Celebrating the first-year anniversary of their album ‘Ouseburn’, which was performed in full, was nothing short of true electro alt-pop wonderment.
Twist Helix have expertly honed their narrative and musical skills over the years, creating a body of work that has evolved into a dynamic soundscape of textured songcraft, balancing musical complexity, relatable lyricism, and plenty of their own pulsating energy.

Not only is their music fantastic to listen to, it is also inspiring to generations of musicians regardless of age, or genre.
A relentless gigging work ethic and diligent attention to songwriting detail has rewarded the band with a loyal following.

Lead vocalist/wonder woman, Bea Garcia was the heart and soul throughout the performance, supported by relentless drumming dynamo, James, and the most brilliant of bass playing and grooves (including star jumps!) from Baz. A combination that never ceases to amaze.

Twist Helix truly are the protagonists in a modern day sonic odyssey, locked in battle against the constant threat of a descending silence in the form of a gentrified North East music scene.

‘Ouseburn’ is a true labour of love, and an album worthy of critical acclaim for being relatable to every musician who loves and appreciates the local venues that are essential to a passionate music community.

Synth-pop never sounded so sensational!

Photos by: Kristoff Photography

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