EP review 'Transistor' by Firesites

EP review 'Transistor' by Firesites

Self-proclaimed Dark-Electronic rockers Firesites, AKA Tom Waterworth and Sean Williams, are a musical duo based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
Managed by Almost Indie Records, the band released their debut EP ‘Transistor’.

The four-song Extended Play is made up of four tracks, with ‘Drown’ being the first on the list.
The track has a low vocal range, with low, almost moaning-like notes and lyrics like:

“I want to feel something real but there’s nothing”.

The song lives up to the band’s self-proclamation of making dark-electronic rock, with fantastic lyrical integrity and a vocal range that makes listeners empathise with the subject of depression and the negative influence it can have on individuals and their relationships.
The lyrics are a cry of sorrow, with a desperation to get better for their loved ones.
Towards the end of the song, the heightening pitch of the lyrics “I’m hopeful things will change” and explosive guitar riffs leave a lasting impact on the listener and give the assumption of mental improvement.

The song - with its bursts of sound contrasting with quieter notes - mimics the often see-sawing emotions of feeling down and depressed; one day you could feel okay, while the next you could feel different.

‘Trials’ is a song of recovery, with elements of synth giving the song a punchy, hopeful feel.
It is a juxtaposition of a song, showing that every cloud has a silver lining; the backing track has positive, happy tones which are contrasted with lyrics that are dark and morbid, telling of someone leaving their lover because they remind him of his struggle, with them having “threatening” lips and skin.
It is a bittersweet song, telling of both loss and gain that intertwine together.

This makes it beautifully complex and acknowledging this makes for an emotive listen.
It is a song of strength, of having to leave someone you love in order to get better, and is an anthem of self-help.

Firesites have a distinct sound that is easily recognisable, giving them a flair of individuality.
This sound is heard, of course, in ‘Cold in The Shadows’.
Their debut single starts off with nothing but an acoustic guitar, setting a sobering tone, which is echoed in the lyrics giving exposure to the feeling of worthlessness often accompanied with depression:

“I start to drown in the shadows of my fear/ I wish you could see that I need you around/ I lost all control to the sound in my head”.

This is an important set of themes to listen to and educates people on the personal effects that depression has on an individual.
Towards the end, the song erupts into a release of emotion, with the instruments that accompany the lyrics narrating the story of a losing battle to depression, which is a theme heavily present in the album.
It is an educational delivery that informs listeners, with the “shadow” in this song being a representation of depression, and much like a real shadow it never leaves your side. Depression can always follow you.

The last song on the EP is ‘Transistor’.
As well as being the title track, it is also the shortest song on the EP, playing for one and a half minutes.
Yet, it is small but mighty, mixing the musings of guitars, drums and synth to create a song that radiates energy.
Perfect for head thrashing, the song has undertones of anger which are clearly heard in the contrast of loud and quiet to create a chaotic sound.

It offers an experimental sound, and a powerful one at that. It doesn’t have lyrics, but the message that it sends in the instrumental is so clear that it doesn’t need them.

All in all, this is a comforting collection of tracks and listeners are assured, through shared experience, that they aren’t the only ones to go through hardships. Firesites have created an EP that brings the struggles of mental health to a reality and provides a soundtrack for dealing with them.
‘Transistor’ is a strong start for the duo, with the potential of this EP being huge.

You can stream the brand new EP on Spotify below or Apple Music.

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