Special Guest Article: Kinda Weird Weekend’s Top 5 Bands You HAVE To Check Out!

Special Guest Article: Kinda Weird Weekend’s Top 5 Bands You HAVE To Check Out!

We are Kinda Weird Weekends, looking to create a hub for creatives, musicians and party-people alike!
We are kick-starting monthly live shows in North London for up-and-coming bands and musicians that we love.
Infused with art and community spirit, Kinda Weird looks to be more than just an event but a fully blown home for music lovers and creatives to express themselves and truly appreciate one another! That being said we have crawled across some really wicked fresh-faced UK artists and we are here to reveal our top 5 tracks for 2019…

1. Imperial Daze - ‘Surfaces Sensibles’ (EP)

We had the pleasure of seeing psych-pop South London band Imperial Daze at The Waiting Room in Hackney earlier this year, they have a wicked live presence and we were super impressed!
In June they dropped ‘Surfaces Sensibles’, which oozes cool, a personal favourite being the catchy classic ‘Man Out of Myself’.
We love love love it and we can’t wait to see what they do next!

2. Longheads - ‘Salted Hearts’ (Single)

Longheads are an awesome psych-rock bunch originating from the depths of the Norfolk badlands (not that you wouldn’t half expect them to have derived from the current wicked music scene of Melbourne Australia) we were lucky enough to have them headline our first show at The Salisbury Hotel.
They absolutely nailed this debut track as Longheads, ‘Salted Hearts’ bleeds potential and makes them 100% worthy to be on this list of bands to watch out for.
Love them, love this.

3. Rai Kah Mercury - ‘I Fell in Love With a Feeling’ (Single)

Hailing from the midlands, Rai Kah Mercury have set the bar pretty high with their Spotify library. You can catch them in London with us November 8th and I’m sure you’ll hear for yourself it’s not one to miss. Let that talent sink in! Check it out.

4. Getrz - ‘Think of the Future’ (EP)

There’s a big atmosphere when you first listen to Getrz and we can see them going the whole way. Based in Swindon! These dudes come at indie-rock with slick guitar lines, enigmatic lyrics and an explosive live set. We certainly can’t wait to see them for ourselves! ‘Think of the Future’ is sick and smooth and everything in between.

5. Matty Long & the Loveguns - ‘Ruby Funk’

If you want funk-rock look no further, Ruby Funk is an absolute top-notch debut! These chaps are a tonne of fun and we feel lucky to have witnessed a live show from them. The boys bring the rocking 60’s back into the modern day, this is the feel-good tune for you!

We struggled to choose just 5 crackers from 2019, so if you love these tracks as much as we do then be sure to check out these other wicked bands as well; Natalie & the Monarchy, SNAYX, Pynch, Big Peyote, Mice on Mars, Gentlemen George, Bandit, Fütumche, Prime Panda, SPINNER and Locks.

Check us out at @kindaweirdweekends for dates, some of these awesome bands might just be taking our stage...

Big thanks to Spotlight Music UK for having us!!!!! Long live LIVE music!

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