Gig Review: Kahuna Single Launch Party

Gig Review: Kahuna Single Launch Party

The ska-punk band Kahuna headlined The Cluny 2 in an immersive experience filled with a boat load of charisma and energy!

The event itself was well organised, with a support selection that brought together a wide variety of tastes in music and formed a line-up so immense that it bordered on deadly.

Goodsprings, Thieves of Liberty and Northern Horizon all proved their worth as they implemented their unique tones and melodies.
There’s no denying that these acts take their influences from the roaring punk scene, especially the way they all gelled together to perform their own individual sound.

To kick off the night, Thieves Of Liberty absolutely smashed it, what more could you ask for than a strong lead and a top guitar player alongside their bassist who held the rhythm section tightly together and made for a great set.

So far so good...up next, and representing the emerging ska scene with their astonishing performance, were Goodsprings.
The band made their mark straight away and, with their use of brass instruments and intriguing melodies, they brought a new wave of music to the night and a valid set of heroes to the scene.

Northern Horizon waved to their peers and delivered in equal measure.
In some ways akin to Green Day in the way that they hold down rhythm sections and vocal progression, their music greets the listener with witty guitar licks and astonishing choruses.
These guys have been widely appreciated by the local scene and are ones to watch out for in the future.

At this point, the atmosphere in the air was glistening as the crowd were clearly anticipating what was to come.
These bands had all maintained their high energy tone and stage presence throughout, giving the impression that they are built for success in this roaring ska-punk/rock scene.

But tonight was Kahuna's night.
The single launch party was for the release of their new track 'All The Same', a euphoric track that is expected to be their most popular to date, due to the reception in the crowd and the relatable lyrics.


The main guitar riff in the chorus is reminiscent of seasoned punk heroes, which works to compliment the triumphant brass instruments.

Kahuna's performance was very organic and fresh. Their set sounded like a
mashup of many different genres of music and there was something very appealing to it.
I can scarcely wait to see what is to come for these lads in the future as they already have 2 hit tracks out and show no sign of stopping there.

During this event I was reminded of how aspects of The Coral can be glimpsed through the band, and they managed to surprise me by playing one of their tracks 'Dreaming Of You' which was polished and showcased their talents beyond being a mere cover.

The lads had an aura to their groove, and this was personified through their music.
The end of the night was a special one, and I was reminded of how Tame Impala end their shows; with a whole load of confetti.

This was the first but not the last time I will see these lads play, the way they all shone as individuals yet never failed to be cohesive was unlike anything I have ever seen.

Words and photography: Matty McVeigh

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