Spotlight On: Kay Greyson

Spotlight On: Kay Greyson

20 year old rapper from Tyneside Kay Greyson is making big waves in the North East, not just for her music, but also for what she’s doing for her community.
Alongside a major comeback to the local music scene, she’s been giving lessons on Hip-Hop and Rapping at the Excelsior Academy, which has garnered attention not only from her peers, but also the BBC.
As a result she was the subject of a recent feature on BBC’s prime-time show Inside Out.

“I go once a week to take over their English lessons to write raps… It’s amazing. They’re learning to be confident, as well as loads of other skills. If you can get up in front of a room of people and perform something you’ve written, there aren’t many other social situations that can scare you”.

Kay is clearly forging a path to success. She is hugely involved in the local music scene and is passionate about projects aimed around women and young people music.

Her debut EP is being produced by Suski and has been months in the making.
However to keep her fans at bay, and keep herself motivated, she’s dropped her first release in two years…a banger of a track named ‘Give it All’.
When asked about her hiatus she explained:

“A lot of the delay has just been because of life getting in the way. It’s been hard to get the studio space and working in the school has taken up a lot of time too. That’s why I started releasing the videos on Facebook last year to get the ball rolling”.

Regarding the single, Kay said:

“Me and Suski were getting frustrated with the delays. We wanted to put something out there, and give something to the people. ‘Give it All’ is about that”.
“I also needed something to inspire me and keep me going. I also wanted to have fun”.

When asked about her inspiration for the track she had this to say:

“I’m a massive fan of Childish Gambino, especially his earlier stuff. He has a series of mixtapes called ‘I’m just a rapper’ and some of the beats are so fun that I wanted to try and produce a song that was fun too.

Credit:  Jay Dawson

Kay Greyson’s track delivers blaring horns, bright keys and positivity in droves. Any fan of Childish Gambino or Chance the Rapper’s Mixtapes will certainly feel right at home.

The upcoming EP meanwhile will be named ‘Loving Sauce’ and shares similar inspirations while also being based on nostalgia. Kay wants it so serve as an introduction to her music and will be all about how she got to where she is. Don’t worry though, it’ll be fun and tongue in cheek with “plenty of live instruments and soft sounds to take ya back!”

However there’s still more to come before the EP, with the promise of another unnamed track dropping in May after a brief break in April.

In March the musician performed a session at Amazing Radio where she spoke about her upcoming releases, her musical journey, the rap scene in the North East and more.
You can check out the full recording here.

This summer will see Kay gigging extensively, but her biggest show will be at the Hit the North Festival on the May 5th so make sure you catch her then!

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