Interview: Kickin Lilies

Interview: Kickin Lilies

Sunderland based Alt-Rock 5 piece Kickin Lilies are causing a scene, hitting up a range of venues including their hometown’s Independent and Newcastle’s Bar Loco!
We caught up with the band’s guitarist Morgan to find out what we can expect from these newcomers…

Can you tell me a little about the band's origins and how you all became Kickin Lilies?

We were all in separate bands, James and I were in a band called FRACAS and Josh, Ethan and Brandon were in a band called Rhythm, Wood & Shapes.

James met Josh at college and eventually joined us as a bass player until me, James and Josh had a meeting talking about starting a new band, we asked the other lads if they were game, that’s when we formed one along with Ethan and Brandon. It was slow at the start, but we eventually got our arses into gear and created something we’re all proud of.

What are your musical influences as a band?

We all have our own influences but I think as a band, it’ll have to be artists like Foo Fighters, White Stripes and The Strokes.

Are there any local bands you want to give a shout out to that you've played alongside or that you're hooked on listening to at the moment?

Dutch Elm are a band that I’m really into, it’s just bizarre to watch and listen to them. They’re songs are just so creative and we can’t wait for their new EP they keep teasing us all with.

We’re always listening to local bands’ new releases, personally I’m really enjoying PICNIC’s newly released single, ‘Wishful Drinking’. There’s a few local bands I always go back and listen to now and again, such as Creature, Japanese TV Club and Little Comets.

What is it like to start an up and coming band in Sunderland and what are your thoughts on the music scene in the city in general?

It’s quite difficult to be honest, Sunderland doesn’t really have many music venues, especially for original material and it can be a pain to get gigs outside of Sunderland.

For me there’s not really a good enough music scene in Sunderland but there’s venues like Independent and The Museum Vaults which keep it alive and put on some amazing gigs.

I know there’s a lot of talent in the North East and it’s a shame a lot of the artists don’t gig as much as they all could.


What is your favourite local venue that you've played so far?

We haven’t played that many venues as a band together just yet, but our first gig at Independent has to be the best venue and gig so far, it was a really good turn out and the audience were all into it.
We all got really good feedback too which is always great.

The best local venue I’ve played has to be either Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle or The Museum Vaults in Sunderland, we had some amazing times playing and watching gigs there, it’s a shame Jumpin’ Jacks has gone but I’m happy I’ve played it before it went.

Obviously you guys are just starting out this year, but you've already played a few shows in both Newcastle and Sunderland.
Do you have any advice you'd give other bands who are just starting out?

When you start a band up you’ve got to think like it’s a business or a brand and that means getting your name out there, but you’ve all got to have fun with it too.

Your band mates won’t become mates anymore and just become work colleagues which can ruin that feeling when you’re playing or even rehearsing, it happened to me and James with another member in FRACAS. So keep being creative, have fun, fuck it.

Do you have any upcoming events you want to make us aware of?

We have a few gigs coming up, but our next gig is at Independent on the 21st April with Post Rome and Jarpsy. It should be a mental night, so expecting to see a lot of people there.

Are there any recorded releases coming up you can tell us about?

We don’t have any material recorded just yet, but we are planning to. We’re currently still writing and making these next couple of shows a bit different every time until we’re happy with a set.

We’re going to be hopefully recording at the end of May/start of June and having a single out later on in the year so we’ll keep you all updated closer to the time.

Where would you like to see the band this time next year?

Hopefully we’ll have an EP out and a couple of big shows on the go, even a chance to play some festivals and really push to get our name out there. It’s a tough industry to get into so it would be great to see our work getting some recognition too.

You can follow Kickin Lilies’ exploits on their social media and catch them at their upcoming gig in Sunderland supporting Post Rome.

Cover photography by Nina Elisabeth Photography

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