Interview: Cultivo On Their Debut Track 'The Summer Funk'

Interview: Cultivo On Their Debut Track 'The Summer Funk'

Cultivo are a multi-cultural 6-piece band that combines influences from around the world to bring you a fresh sound that incorporates elements of Jazz, Neo-Soul, and Funk.

They’ve just released their first track ‘The Summer Funk’ which is filled with tasty in-the-pocket grooves, infectious melodies and captivating horn lines!
Their inspirations include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Amy Winehouse, Chic & Parliament Funkadelic just to name a few, and it shows.

we sat down and spoke to them about this first release and their plans for 2019.

What brought you all together? How did you meet?

Simply put…through music. We didn’t really know each other before we started playing together. Our Guitarist and bassist met each other by answering to the advert of a guy who was looking for people to start a James Brown band with.

After a few rehearsals Ian (guitar) and Fernando (bass) decided that they want to do something else – jam and play some original music, so Fernando got Mark (drums) in and they started jamming. From there, every new member just kind of listened to the stuff we were making and wanted to join. It grew really organically with everyone bringing a friend to the project, since most of us aren’t local. Fernando comes from Ecuador, Rugile (vocals) is from Lithuania, Fabio (trombone) from Portugal, Ben (trumpet) from Manchester.

Everything was kind of random but we just really clicked!

‘The Summer Funk’ is exactly what it says on the tin. What inspired it? Can you tell us about the production?

Someone, usually Ian (guitar) comes up with an idea, some kind of riff and then we jam. In the case of ‘The Summer Funk’ Ian came up with a funky riff and everyone just joined in.

We don’t really write separately at home, we jam, improvise – make music here and there and see what happens.

‘The Summer Funk’ was born in Summer and that’s what it reflects, our states of mind in our summer sessions!

Have you got more tracks in the pipeline? Any other plans?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

We’ve got lots of exciting stuff on the way! We’ve got plans for the video so keep your eyes open for that!

We are also currently working towards releasing our EP!

Are you hoping to keep your music this upbeat? Or are you hoping to explore different themes?

Cultivo is basically a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and ideas. Our upcoming EP is a collection of our varying tastes and inspirations. We love our upbeat stuff, and we’ll keep it coming, but we also have different things to show you!

I know many of you are part of multiple bands / projects. Is it tough balancing them all? Do you enjoy have different creative outlets for different ideas?

We all love music and it’s a big part of our lives in one way or another. Therefore, being a part of a few projects at a time is, I suppose, kind of a regular thing. They all serve different purposes.

Cultivo is a place where we can express our ideas freely, without boundaries. We’re a melting pot of cultures with very different musical backgrounds.

We’re not in a rush, we just love playing, so I guess all the things we do, all the different bands we are a part of – it’s all cool and we can manage as long as we enjoy them!

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