Single Review: Ophelia Lies‘ ‘Riverside’

Single Review: Ophelia Lies‘ ‘Riverside’

Glasgow-based electro-pop duo Ophelia Lies have released their debut single ‘Riverside’, a catchy and summery pop tune, at the end of last month.
While launching themselves into the British and international music landscape, the emerging duo from Glasgow were selected as artist of the week by the Scotland On Sunday national newspaper and New Found Sounds.

Formed in late 2018, Thomas Brumby and Eugene Dubla have been working in studios across Scotland and Italy to create something new and unique: a pop sound that is “full of energy and ear-worm melodies”.
‘Riverside’ is the outcome of this creative process and a perfect blend of Scottish and Italian vibes, resulting in a catchy track that is full of soft melodies and gentle beats.

Starting with a rhythmic piano, the song then is joined by echoing, whispery two-lead vocals and a soft and regular beat. The track then develops into a danceable tune, which makes you think of dreamy sunsets and warm summer nights.
The whispering voices however, which are breathing the lyrics “I’m in ecstasy, a falling lover/ Ecstasy of a falling lover”, give the song a chilly twist – like a cool breeze on a warm and sunny day, or as the band puts it, “like a collision between a sunny small village in the South of Italy and a rainy tough city in Scotland”.

In fact, the duo itself is a blend of north and south, and sun and rain. Thomas had lived in the tough and chilly temperatures of Newcastle before he decided to move even further north to Glasgow, where he built his own music studio in the South Side of the city a few years ago.
Eugenio on the other hand grew up in the warm and sunny south of Italy where he owns a music studio, as well. Despite having different geographical and musical backgrounds, Thomas and Eugenio share a common interest in creating energetic and moving pop-songs, influenced by the work of Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Hot Chip, Foals, and David Bowie:

We always work together, and try and write big pop songs that move you and lift you up, as well having a melancholy edge. All of our songs try to be the best song we can create at that time, we work at them really hard to make them as big and beautiful as we can. I think we are also interested in writing songs that have 2 lead vocal parts, and that play with lead and backing, harmony and melody.”

Ophelia Lies have also released a high quality music video for their debut single, which shows a dancer that won’t stop moving and dancing until the song finishes off with a gentle piano tune, as if in ecstasy. In fact, the video perfectly illustrates the character of ‘Riverside’ as a “moving” pop song. It makes you want to dance, and trust me: it’s really hard to stand or sit still while listening to those warm electro-pop beats.

Watch the music video of ‘Riverside’ here:

The debut single from these talented newcomers from Glasgow is a brilliant start to a promising career. You can watch Ophelia Lies perform live, while supporting Retiree at Broadcast in Glasgow on the 24th May 2019.

If you can’t come to Glasgow in May, here are some more dates and venues:


Hug and Pint, Glasgow - 8th June 2019


Zoelogic, Grottaglie, Italy - 11th August 2019

More dates will be announced soon.

If you want to stay in the loop about upcoming gigs and new music, you can follow Ophelia Lies on Facebook or Instagram.

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