Hit The North 2019 – Top Ten Emerging Acts You NEED To Check Out!

Hit The North 2019 – Top Ten Emerging Acts You NEED To Check Out!

It’s that time of year again! Hit The North is just around the corner and that means good music galore.
So what better time to check out a few artists you may not have heard of before?
Or, even better: why not support some of the emerging talent representing our beloved region and beyond!?

To help you choose from the myriad of absolutely brilliant artists, here is our Top Ten Emerging Acts You NEED To Check Out…

1) Fever Days

If you’ve seen Fever Days once, you’ll never forget them. Mainly because you wouldn’t expect this group of lads, who look like they could just as well be sitting in the back of your English Lit lecture class, to so completely blow the roof off.
The four-piece, formed around front-man Oli Green, will win you over with catchy indie bangers that would make a great addition to any indie disco playlist. But it’s not just their sound that makes them one of the most promising emerging artists, their lyrics perfectly hit the current zeitgeist and comment on issues we all relate to. Their latest single ‘I See Through It’, for example, talks about being frustrated with social media, scrolling through your timeline and seeing person after person pretending to live a life that’s about as real as climate change to Donald Trump #fakenews.
What’s not fake news though is the energy Fever Days bring to the stage. Catch their set at the Graham Wylie Foundation Stage, 5:15-5:45pm, and join the fan club.
If you like FEVA, Midnight Fuckboys and Circa Waves, 10/10 would recommend.

2) Another Sky

Another personal favourite is alternative indie band Another Sky.
What makes them stand out from the masses is frontwoman Catrin Vincent’s mesmerising voice. I’m not exaggerating when I say it will haunt you in the best way possible.
Combined with ambient guitars, ethereal harmonies and strong bass lines, their music is best described as dark and almost cinematic. If you don’t believe me, listen to their single ‘Chillers’ before heading to the IndieSound stage at 8:15pm, let the music do the talking.
If you like Bloxx, Art School Girlfriend and Yonaka, this is the right kind of set for you.

Photography: Nathan Barnes

Photography: Nathan Barnes


FEVA need little introduction to North East audiences. Chances are, you’ve bought your Hit The North ticket specifically to see these absolute legends.
But this is our list, and it just wouldn’t be complete without them… And if you’re not familiar with them (yet) this is the perfect opportunity to change that.
FEVA are high-energy indie rock. They’re huge anthemic tunes that have you hooked from the get-go.
And you can take “high-energy” quite literally as front-man Sam Reynolds likes to climb onto on-stage monitors, or join the crowd during their performances. Maybe not for those with weak nerves, but if you’re a fan of The Pale White, Blackwaters and LUCIA or you just feel like rocking out for 30 minutes, make sure you get down for their set at the Main Stage from 5:15 – 5:45pm.

Photography:  Daniel Stark

Photography: Daniel Stark

4) Tall Shaves

Let’s turn it down a notch, get a bit quieter for a second with Folk Pop Duo Kieran Taylor and Paige Temperley.
If, like me, you’re a loyal Filthy’s/Passing Clouds goer, these two might be familiar faces as Tall Shaves have played the odd set at Newcastle’s best live music bar. They have recently launched their debut EP ‘Two for Tuesdays’ which explores themes of love, loss and coming of age. Kieran and Paige play a range of stringed instruments between them including ukulele and mandolin, which are a perfect fit for their upbeat acoustic melodies. I’m almost sure their set might just be the most wholesome experience of the entire day. If you’re planning on seeing Hit The North headliner Jake Bugg, Tall Shaves are right up your alley, so make sure to have a little dance at the Graham Wylie Foundation Stage from 10:15pm.

5) A Festival, A Parade

Just about to support Sam Fender on his sold-out UK tour for a second time, A Festival, A Parade might be the most envied band in the North East right now.
But with sophomore EP ‘Stay Away From Me’ going down a treat, it’s no wonder that Lord Fender is a big fan and he certainly isn’t the only one. At the start of this year, the alt-rock band played a sold-out headliner at Sage Gateshead, a spectacle not to be missed. Their powerful songs translate exceptionally well to the stage and it’s an absolute joy to see the entire band have the time of their lives performing what they have put so much time, love and effort into.
AFAP are a must-see for anyone with a soft spot for brooding vocals and soaring guitars. If you like the National or Team Picture, don’t miss out on A Festival, A Parade at 4:45pm on the GNE stage.

Photography: Morgan Sidle

Photography: Morgan Sidle

That’s the first half down. All of these bands, I have seen live and I can vouch for their incredible talent and the quality of their live shows, which have all been exceptional and most importantly a whole lot of fun!
Now, let’s move on to 5 acts that I’m very excited to see for the first time myself...

6) Ten Eighty Trees

Ten Eighty Trees are an alt-rock band from Newcastle/Sheffield. For the sake of this article, and because they originated in the Toon, we’ll still class them as local.
Their music is infectiously catchy with powerful vocals; the perfect premise for a thrilling and energetic live performance, and from what I’ve heard Ten Eighty Trees tend to go all out in their performances, so be prepared to jump.
You can catch them at the Beyond Stage from 9:30pm.

Photography:  Blank Slate

Photography: Blank Slate

7) Joe Ramsey

If you’re a fan of mellow acoustic vibes and artists like Kodaline and John Mayer, indie pop singer-songwriter Joe Ramsey might be exactly what you’re looking for. His songs, that are inspired by everyday situations, are direct and honest and sung with a lot of conviction. They speak right from your life and straight to your heart.
I, for my part, can’t wait to have a little singalong to lines like “I don’t want to be another drunken number in your mind”.
Feel free to join us at the NE Volume stage for his set at 2:15pm.
In fact, if you’re ending the night with Jake Bugg, I highly recommend starting the day with Joe.

8) San Junipero

When you hear the name San Junipero, the first thing that comes to mind is probably everyone’s favourite Black Mirror episode. You know, the one with the simulated world where people who are dying can live on forever. It’s time to change that.
Next time, someone mentions San Junipero think of catchy electronic pop, highly danceable beats and infectious rhythms.
If you like Kim Petras, L Devine or Dusky Grey head to the RideMusic stage at 3:45pm.



This group of lads from North Shields may still be young (all members are in their teens) but their music sounds like they’ve been in the industry for ages. BALTIC is upbeat, lively indie rock with infectious guitars and honest lyrics. Their debut single ‘Bleak’, that has already raked up an impressive number of 10k Spotify streams, is very much a summer song with its light-hearted indie beats and witty lyricism.
BALTIC are most definitely ones to watch and I can’t wait to see and hear more of them in the years to come.
If you like Ten Tonnes and The Academic, make sure to give these guys a listen and come down for their set at This Feeling stage from 3:15pm.

Photography:  Dean Hindmarch

Photography: Dean Hindmarch

10) Kay Greyson

Last but by no means least, the woman of the hour, Kay Greyson.
Spotlight recently caught Kay for an interview talking about her involvement in the local rap community, giving lessons on Hip-Hop and Rapping at the Excelsior Academy as well as her upcoming debut EP ‘Loving Sauce’.
Her music is fun, very tongue in cheek and highly inspired by early Childish Gambino mixtapes.
If you’re looking for a good introduction to the Newcastle rap scene or you simply like jamming to Childish Gambino and Chance the Rapper, this is the right kind of set for you. RideMusic stage, 1:30-2pm.

Photography: Tom Oates

Photography: Tom Oates

You can find more information about the artists and the complete time tables including a map of the venues here.

All videos filmed and published by Gigs North East.

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