EP Review: Lovejoy’s  ‘Home Brew’

EP Review: Lovejoy’s ‘Home Brew’

Lovejoy are a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Newcastle who, after several successful gigs, have released their debut EP; ‘Home Brew’.

The EP opens with ‘Nakka committee’, the name itself sets the playful tone for the rest of ‘Home Brew’, however the singer; Dan Pod’s sharp wit and delivery ensures you pay close attention as he sings about working-class life and being on the dole.
The instrumentation is sparse and upbeat throughout, but the song really comes into its own when the breakdown comes in towards the end of the song.
The guitarist; Alistair Crackett, takes the forefront in an Arctic Monkeys style solo followed by an array of jagged power chords and unrelenting drum fills from Andrew Sibbald before coming to an abrupt stop, just giving you enough time to catch your breath.

Drug use is a common theme throughout the EP and is no more prominent than on the song ‘Interchange’, in which Dan states, “It's been too long sniffing all these lines”. His ability to comment and critique the world around him, particularly working-class life, could give Sleaford Mods a run for their money.
The song has a certain laid-back style and confidence that is hard to ignore. Dan also manages to demonstrate his vocal capabilities as his typical delivery turns into a snarl towards the end of the spoken-work segment of the song.

The highlight of ‘Home Brew’ for me is ‘Monster Song’. There is an undeniable swagger and confidence to the song that you can’t help but move to.
The bassist; Max Lowthian is the unsung hero of the song and provides an infectious groove that reels you in and doesn't let go. The way the bass slides into the choruses makes the chorus all the more satisfying.
Some songs from ‘Home Brew’ are reminiscent of bands like The Libertines, however‘Monster Song’ is undeniably theirs and to me is the most original track off the EP.


Lovejoy have accrued a loyal following in their relatively short time as a band and I believe that they have the potential to continue to grow and flourish within the local music scene. Their sound is instantly recognisable and their confidence is instantly apparent.

I'd love to see Dan try to stray more from his comfort zone when singing as he is clearly capable and his more unrestrained moments are some of his best.
Keep an eye on the band’s social media platforms and listen to the EP below:

Photography: Harry Dargavel

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