Gig Review: Mayfare / Delights / Serfa / Dolphin Centre

Gig Review: Mayfare / Delights / Serfa / Dolphin Centre

The night was held inside the recently awarded “Best Live Music Venue of Newcastle”, The Cluny.
A beautiful 4 band line up is what intrigued me, a concoction of two bands I was already very fond of and two bands I had honestly never heard of before.
This resulted in a gig very much worth your wages.

Noise rock band, now a 5 piece (due to the first appearance of James Colledge on synth) Serfa, opened the show.
No doubt a hard act to follow, with their dark tunes, catchy choruses and heavy hitting instrumentals, they got the crowd moving and yelling along with ease.
With this band, the fans always find a song to start a pit to, but along with the heavy segments are intricate guitar parts and melodies which undeniably fit perfectly together.
Everyone who has been to a Serfa gig before will recognise the powerful vocals of songs like Too Deep' which was their debut single released this year. Get listening to it.


Dolphin Centre were next up and the crowd were soon back up jumping once again. The mix of two vocalist was perfect and kept switching up the songs to keep the crowd invigorated with every track that rolled in. Upbeat rock tunes infused with reggae roots provided contagious melodies for everyone to enjoy. This was my first time seeing this band, but they were the highlight of my night and I was very pleasantly surprised by them. I hope to see Dolphin Centre in the North East again soon to witness what they might bring next time.


Four piece band Delights took to the stage next with an easy listening indie style, a clear contrast to the prior bands.
Despite the laid back style of their music, there was an obvious energy and passion coming from the band and their singer in particular.
Again, this was my first time attending a set of Delights and I would love to see them back in Newcastle but perhaps a bit more diversity between their tracks would bring a lot more to their set.
Nevertheless, a noticeable love for their music was permeating from them which goes a long way when standing out in a four band line up.


The headline emerged as confidently as ever and grabbed everyone’s attention instantly. Their well deserved fanbase, alongside new comers, patiently waited for it all to start.
Straight away it is noticeable that Mayfare are an experienced band and know how to get the crowd moving. Stage antics and infectious tunes: it’s what you’re looking for at a good gig.
Leading the North East’s indie pop scene, they played their set flawlessly, sounding exactly like they do in their studio recordings. Another sign that they know exactly what they’re doing on stage.
Check out their three singles on their music platforms to get a better feel for the band and get to a gig whenever the chance comes around.


Photography by BLINDFACE

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