Single Review & Premiere:  ‘Nine Lives’ by Primes

Single Review & Premiere: ‘Nine Lives’ by Primes

One of Scotland’s most ambitious and exciting new bands returns to the Spotlight with a brand new single that is sure to delight fans old and new alike.

Primes are back with the toe-tapping rock anthem ‘Nine Lives’ that cements their place in the ever-growing Northern rock scene, and Spotlight is pleased to have early access to this infectious new tune.

Primes, who in their relatively short history have garnered a dedicated fan base, can already be compared to the likes of Biffy Clyro, Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Charlatans.

This brand of hard rock lends itself well to those seeking an exciting festival act with catchy tunes to boot. So, ‘Nine Lives’ arrives at the perfect time with this festival season in full swing, and delivers a raucous sing-along chorus that one imagines hundreds of people belting out inside a packed out tent.

From the get go, singer and bassist Ollie Kitchen invites listeners in with an unforgettable bass tone that is quickly injected with layers of guitar and drums. It is a catchy opening riff with an abundance of energy that immediately establishes the high intensity of this track.

In the verses, Ollie’s vocals are flawlessly accompanied by Sarah Monteith-Skelton’s “you can take me anywhere”, which is sure to have fans singing along in no time.

The paradoxical line “I’m going nowhere, I’m getting out of here” leads us into a bombastic chorus garnished with a reverse cymbal and an immensely satisfying shaker rhythm.

Simply put, the chorus in ‘Nine Lives’ is a rock ‘n’ roll delight with soaring vocals that are not to be ignored.

Drummer Reece Ryan also comes to the forefront here with effortless drum fills that complement the aesthetic of the ‘big rock chorus’ – not overly obtrusive or flashy but right in the pocket alongside the onslaught of guitar and vocal layers.

Sarah shows off her skill on the guitar in the breakdown section with effortless picking patterns that build the song up before a huge final chorus. This sadly marks the end of a brilliant track that could only be better if it were a little longer – despite its commercial appeal, the three minute rock anthem trope always seems a little short in this reviewer’s opinion.

This is a minor gripe, however, as it gives me a reason to hit the replay button!

Ollie, Sarah and Reece of Primes all demonstrate prowess in their respective roles within the band, and as a cohesive unit.

‘Nine Lives’ is a brilliantly produced track with all the bells and whistles that are sure to have listeners going back again and again.

Primes are heading for great things in the UK, and with singles as good as this it’s not difficult to see why.

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