Special Guest Article: Off The Hook Music’s Top 5 Releases of 2019 So Far...

Special Guest Article: Off The Hook Music’s Top 5 Releases of 2019 So Far...

Welcome to our newest feature in which we showcase a different publications from across the UK and pick their brains about the releases that stood out to them so far this year.
So, without further ado, we’ll hand the mic over to Off The Hook Music

At the end of last year myself and a handful of friends realised that we didn’t want to stay friends solely by liking each other’s Facebook posts and occasionally bumping into each other in the high street, so we decided to harness our shared love for music and the sheer adrenaline that we felt when watching live bands by creating ‘Off the Hook Music’.

Our goal is simply to promote the amazing local bands in the South West, celebrate the music scene in cities like Bristol, Bath, and Exeter, and also discover music from around the world and bring them new fans from back home. All while hanging out, going to gigs, and talking a load of bollocks.
Buts that’s enough about us, here is our list of the best releases this year (so far) and there are some crackers:

1. Soeur - ‘No Show’
(Released March 2019)

Soeur are a treat of a band with an unusual set up of dual fronted guitar vocalists: Anya and TIna, and the foundation of James’s drum beats to back them up, which no bass guitar to be seen.
The band have a haunting grunge sound drenched in heavy chords and backed up with well-developed lyrics.

2. JuJu Jones - ‘DNA’
(Released March 2019)

When we first heard the track ‘DNA’ from JuJu we knew we had discovered an artist with a great talent to use her lyrics to tell a graphic story.
JuJu brings 70’s rock with a modern twist of alternative pop, but what is so exciting within her music is the undeniable dark gothic aura found in her sound.

3. The Mute Group - ‘Sinister Hand’
(Released January 2019)

Hailing from from Nashville Tennessee, The Mute Group produce a sound which is so unusual and obscure, yet also nothing short of brilliant.
They describe their sound as:
“music that skews less vintage than ancient, medieval geologic. These are songs that might just as easily ward off the evil eye as entertain.”
This is a band that you can share with your friends and they will marvel in your well rounded musical appreciation while thanking you in the process.

4. Novatines - ‘Medicine’
(Released June 2019)

Novatines produce an epic sound which is fun, interesting, and full of energy.
This track got us here at Off The Hook Music unable to stop hitting repeat as the high octane layers of the song ripped through our ears and won over more fans every time we shared it.

5. Crooked Little Sons - ‘Noosepaper’
(Released February 2019)

When the establishment are in chaos then anarchy will ascend… and so we welcome Crooked Little Sons and the track ‘Noosepaper’, a punk anthem that is the perfect soundtrack to your establishment angst.
The song is a short, sharp, and a pleasant shock. It is full of guitars and drums, it is loud and fast and it oozies with anger that results in a wonderful trashing sound.

Thanks for checking out our list, if you liked any of these artists be sure to check out who we discover next on our Facebook page, and thanks to Spotlight for featuring our work.

Words by Kess Anthony
Cover Photo: The Mute Group

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