Gig Review: Soap, Bellyfeel / No Teeth / Serfa @ The Cluny

Gig Review: Soap, Bellyfeel / No Teeth / Serfa @ The Cluny

On the 25th of June, Serfa took to the stage of Cluny 2 with probably their biggest headline gig yet.
With a “Serfa” graffitied bed sheet hanging above their heads in true D.I.Y fashion, they played to a room rammed full of eager supporters. 

The original lineup for this gig was ruptured fairly last minute, due to Japenese TV Club's abrupt and saddening announcement of the end of the band. Jap decided not to play the Cluny gig, which was devastating for a lot of people who were hoping to see the end. However, they were replaced in the lineup promptly by Soap . 

Soap played an opening half an hour of screeching, laggy guitar, very fast drumming and youthful chanting. Every now and then the band would exchange giggles and looks following explicit lyrics or well executed instrumentals, which actually put a lot of the crowd at ease, and carved out Soap's comfort with one and other. Nearer the end of their set, the band mentioned that the Cluny crowd was one of their best yet and that they also may be their last crowd. This was followed with a sympathetic “aww”, of course.
The 25th of June gig for Soap seemed to me like a gateway for the band and the beginning of a more lavish local career, as they seemed to make a lasting impression on the crowd, and really did play their instruments and bubbling, harsh indie music adeptly.
However all good things have to come to an end as we all already know..

Following Soap, were Bellyfeel. More than familiar with the inside of Ouseburn venues, the band had no bother at all gathering a crowd and making an impression; they were well-known and well-anticipated.
A lot of people were there to see Bellyfeel. They concoct all kinds of gruelling and unnatural sounds in any set they play, and this momentous occasion was of course no exception.
Their cut and paste style of music was pungent all night at the Cluny, and I think everyone was quite submerged.

Bellyfeel Photography: Molly Smith

Photography: Molly Smith

No Teeth were the final support for Serfa and included in their set one of their newest releases 'Chester's Favourite Oven Pie'. An immediate explosion sifted through the crowd as smog and sludge filled our ears and pulled our hair.
The band never fail to disappoint on a dynamic level and continue to grow in popularity.
Years of experience playing in Newcastle presented us with interesting sets from the band, they’re always anything but boring. Even the slight humidity and disappointing nature to the weather, as well as the added sweaty atmosphere in the Cluny 2 on the 25th, was not enough to break No Teeth's character, their stage presence is always wild and their aesthetic always consistently outlandish. Another brilliant show. 

No Teeth Photography: Molly Smith

No Teeth
Photography: Molly Smith

Serfa headlined the Cluny 2, boasting both of their recent releases, 'Too Deep' and 'My Name', both of which instantly erupted through the room when played.
The headliners thanked the support bands in a respectful manor, before claiming the stage as their own; after all this was their “biggest headliner yet”.
As packed as ever, The Cluny 2 was vibrant and the room hummed, people danced, swayed and sprawled.

Serfa Photography: Molly Smith

Photography: Molly Smith

I think that this gig was hugely significant for Serfa and has sealed them on a pedestal of popularity and taste. The band put together an amazing lineup and filled The Cluny 2 to the brim.
All in all a very memorable night and also the undoubted start of something much, much bigger.

Cover Photo: Bellyfeel
Photography: Molly Smith

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