Special Guest Article: Lava Soup’s Top 5 Releases of 2019 So Far...

Special Guest Article: Lava Soup’s Top 5 Releases of 2019 So Far...

We decided to pick the brains of our fellow North East music blogger Jaz Smith of Lava Soup to find out what new releases caught her attention…

Although we are only halfway through this year, 2019 has already been a phenomenal year for music, and I’m not talking about Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift or whoever Mr. Scooter has a beef with now.
I’m talking about our precious local musicians who continue to create some great tunes while battling against the ever present threat of potential extinction.

As many people know, it is becoming increasingly harder for small-town musicians to gain recognition with the closure of venues and increase in commercialisation.
But Spotlight is here to give these musicians the recognition they deserve.
If we want the local music scene to survive, then we cannot, and will not, stop talking about it.

In this article I will be discussing my top 5 tracks of 2019 so far.
Being the indecisive person that I am, it was quite a challenge to narrow it down to five, so I decided to pick 5 artists who all demonstrate differing genres, yet all share the same growth in their musicianship.
These are artists I have seen grow over time and therefore I feel they deserve recognition for their hard work and their 2019 tunes.

Fossway - 'No Heart in the Heart of the City'

Fossway is fresh onto the music scene. Like really fresh.
Their first ever single ‘Parasite’ came out in 2018 and since then they have managed to sign a record deal and play at festivals.
It takes many bands years to achieve this, so kudos to them.
The Newcastle band’s most recent single is called ‘No Heart in the Heart of the City’.
Although their other songs ‘Parasite’ and ‘Mannequin’ were outstanding, ‘No Heart in the Heart of the City’ shows considerable growth in terms of production quality and musicianship. The vocal range is greater than the previous tracks and we are treated with an ecstatic guitar solo and even the bass is given the spotlight for a few seconds.
What's more, Fossway’s lyrics are more thought provoking than most, discussing subjects such as a city’s loss of culture, which a nice change from the usual themes.
A brilliant track, I can see these guys going far.

Kahuna - 'All the Same'

This band brings a unique flavour to the Newcastle music scene.
Their combination of funk and punk brings in music lovers from all over.
The result is perfect music to play live, as it will constantly keep the crowd on their toes.
As if that wasn't exciting enough, one of the many distinctive features of Kahuna's style is to add classic Spanish trumpet licks, which give it an exotic vibe.
These guys have a massive following in Newcastle, and a reputation for getting their entire audience dancing along. Probably one of the best live bands out there.

Rebekah Fitch - 'Need to Feel'

Now lets bring some girls into the mix. When I was first introduced to Rebekah
Fitch I was blown away by her skills with her chosen instruments and her deft music production.
With no help at all she is an inspiring one-woman band and her original sound is almost majestically ethereal.
However, in ‘Need to Feel’ there is a bit more gravitas to the sound.
It has a more sexy and mysterious tone with a prominent bassline - an unusual yet appealing feature with occasional pauses that reignite the beat, emphasising the passion in the song. This girl deserves way more Spotify plays than she is getting, so please, please, pretty please, listen to her awesome music!!

Callum Pitt - 'Poisoned Reveries EP'

Callum Pitt is a folk/indie soloist from Newcastle who recently signed to Kaleidoscope Records.
His controlled voice meanders through ambient harmonies and delicate fingerpicked guitar.
The styles in his EP vary but stick to the same folk/indie aesthetic, so the listener is never bored.
Callum Pitt’s EP provides us with a musical cocktail of great artistic talent. An EP perfect for the summer.

Mayshe Mayshe - 'You Throw Lemons, We Throw Parties'

This song is quirky and well thought out, with continuous loops making up its building blocks.
We are treated to a simple yet catchy melody as the track continues to build over time, but never becomes over-whelming for the listener.
The use of strange effects, such as the drill, is at first startling to listeners but the aesthetic is soon understood.
I love how fresh this sound is and I cannot stop listening to her album. Yorkshire based Mayshe Mayshe may be new but she has a bright future in front of her.

Jaz Smith

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