Gig Review: Lively Music Management @ Cluny 2

Gig Review: Lively Music Management @ Cluny 2

With a hand-picked line-up, featuring Hollow Legs, Courtyards and The Escapades, Lively Music Management’s summer gig at the Cluny 2 last week was certainly a success and a little sample of how an emerging music manager from Europe will enrich Newcastle’s music scene in the future.

When I arrived at the Cluny 2 for Lively Music Management’s event, I did not have any expectations; I mainly came to say “happy birthday” to my fellow Spotlight UK writer and the face behind Lively Music Management, Laura Rosierse.

However, thanks to a meticulously picked line-up of excellent up and coming musicians, unlimited energy on and before the stage, and a hot summer atmosphere, things turned out a bit different than expected and I left the venue with a long list of new favourite tunes.

Laura, originally hailing from the Netherlands, decided to leave her native country behind to move to the chilly North East, bringing along an unlimited love for music and some fresh ideas that will certainly enrich Newcastle’s music scene in the future.

At The Cluny 2, Laura welcomed me with a warm hug and a chilled beer, while Hollow Legs’ razor sharp riffs were already echoing through the venue. The four-piece from the industrial Northumberland town Blyth have been friends and band mates for over fifteen years and know exactly how to capture an audience with their infectious garage rock tunes.

Hollow Legs Photography by: Rene Rosierse

Hollow Legs
Photography by: Rene Rosierse

Hollow Legs were followed by Courtyards from Yorkshire and their “dirty reverb-soaked indie rock” – an exciting blend of catchy vocals, atmospheric guitar riffs and thundering basslines, which create a melancholic but powerful and danceable sound. Lead guitarist Cal played so passionately that the D-string of his Fender Telecaster broke in the middle of the show, which but this didn’t stop the band from delivering a fantastic set of dirty indie songs, including their latest release ‘Stay Up’.

During the Courtyards’ set, more and more people squeezed into the Cluny 2, which had now became incredibly hot and sweaty.
After the gig Laura admitted “I was surprised by how many people came down on a weekday”.
It was indeed remarkable how many people turned up to support the Newcastle-based 4-piece The Escapades at their headline gig.

Courtyards Photography by: Rene Rosierse

Photography by: Rene Rosierse

The Escapades have a fondness for glitter, eyeliner and checked trousers, and have an inexhaustible energy, which they released in a set of colourful and summery ear-worm songs and some impressive dance moves from singer and guitarist Kieran Taylor.
Being influenced by Brit rock stars Oasis and American indie icons The Strokes, The Escapades’ catchy tunes and intoxicating stage performance convey a carefree attitude, which has the potential to take peoples’ hearts by storm and successfully transform the Cluny into a hot and sweaty summer party.

To make sure everybody was dancing, the headliners finished off their high energy-set by playing a cover-version of The Sweets’ rock banger ‘Ballroom Blitz – a perfect end for a fantastic night.

The Escapades Photography by: Rene Rosierse

The Escapades
Photography by: Rene Rosierse

Reflecting on her birthday gig, Laura Rosierse summarised that “The surprise-cover of Ballroom Blitz was a big hit. I would love to do more gigs like these, and I want to always keep managing bands and I am very exited where The Escapades are heading with their musical career!”.
Laura Also told me, “I have a very exciting collaboration coming up which will hopefully be able to give bands an even bigger push and help them grow their audience and ambitions.”

With her latest gig at The Cluny 2 Laura Rosierse gave us a first impression of what we can expect from her Lively Music Management in the future.
This young music manager and power-girl from the Netherlands has definitely proved that she can put on fantastic gigs and she has already taken our hearts with her ability to inspire others, her endless love for music and her ambition to create something special.

If you want to learn more about Lively Music Management, check out their website or follow them on social media here.

Cover Photo: The Escapades
Photography by: Rene Rosierse

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