Single Review: 'Die Alone' by Eyeconic

Single Review: 'Die Alone' by Eyeconic

Teesside-based, Poland-born rapper Eyeconic has been a prominent name in the North East’s hip-hop scene for a few years now.

Having broken through with the release of his seminal debut album ‘Sink Or Swim’, Samuel Mocarski cemented his name in folklore with grime anthem ‘Spit One Lyric’ in 2015.

Fans may be surprised by the sound of new song ‘Die Alone’. Inspired by bands like Nirvana, Eyeconic blends grunge with hip-hop for his first single release since the ‘Spring Clean’ EP from earlier this year.

The Polish barsmith has made a point of showcasing his versatility over the years, from suppying gun-finger inducing grime to thought-provoking boom bap with a dash of energetic trap bangers fit for the club in between.

Few artists can maintain the level of consistency he has achieved across various different styles.

Having heard the song among a package of demos Eyeconic was working on in November last year, I instantly singled out ‘Die Alone’ as “The one” and largely because of the lyric:

“I could hang myself from your expectations.”

With emotionally resonant lyricism more synonymous with the underrated album cuts from his debut opus, ‘Die Alone’ delves deep into mental health, specifically depression.

This introspection has been idiosyncratic with Eyeconic’s discography since the beginning of his career, and even the new single’s cover art relates back to one of his earliest hits ‘Nicotine Blues’ which also explored his inner demons.

Although Eyeconic is no Sam Fender, his singing is a lot better than most rappers who try to flex their vocal range. The raw and rugged singing approach definitely fits better than if he had collaborated with a traditional vocalist anyway.

‘Die Alone’ is the lead single from Eyeconic’s forthcoming yet-to-be-officially-announced album. The track will feature on the LP in an extended form with an extra verse adding to its current 2:32 run time.

Having heard some of the other cuts from the project, it’d be wise for you to jump on the Eyeconic bandwagon now. I’m predicting this to be the best song of 2019, but there’s plenty more to come from the Smoggy spitter.

Eyeconic is performing at The Lord Clyde in Byker on the 25th of August, at Hit The Bar in Middlesbrough on the 31st of August and at Last Train Home Festival in Darlington on the 7th of September.

Words: Lee Hawthorn

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