Single Review: 'Cut Me Loose' by The Escapades

Single Review: 'Cut Me Loose' by The Escapades

“It’s just Eyeliner, Glitter and good ol Rock ‘n Roll.”

That’s how the Escapades describe themselves and, coming from a band who pose for press photos half naked in a bathtub, that seems pretty spot on…

Their latest offering, self proclaimed Brit rock anthem 'Cut me loose', sounds like it came straight outta the 90s in all the best ways.

Roaring guitars open the track, blending into lead singer Keiran’s raspy vocals, and from the first note The Escapades have got me hooked on this weirdly fun and catchy song about being stuck in a bad relationship with the wrong person, falling into the routine of breaking up and getting back together.

Lyrics like “I cross my heart and hope to die and go through this a second time” should not make me want to dance around the kitchen, but I just can’t help it.

‘Cut Me Loose’ makes light out of a bad situation; it’s uplifting and infectious and if you manage to not even nod your head or tap your foot listening to it, I bow to you.

Let’s face it…it’s a 3rd floor Soho song and to some people that may sound like an insult but, coming from me, it’s the highest form of compliment you can get. It’s the kind of song I want to see a whole room of people jumping and screaming along to; it’s the kind of song that above all is timeless and has the potential to become one of those tunes that everyone just kind of knows even if they’ve never heard of the band.

‘Cut Me Loose’ is by far my favourite song from The Escapades because it stands out from what other bands are doing and it’s as simple as taking us back in time.
I don’t know if the band are planning on sticking with these new found Brit Rock vibes but I think we could use some more in 2020.
Busted are arguably trying too hard to revive their past success while The Escapades make it sound effortless and cool.

I’m calling it now: The future of Rock is glitter.

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