EP Review: 'This Could All Be So Easy' by These Five Years

EP Review: 'This Could All Be So Easy' by These Five Years

Cardiff five-piece emo-punks, These Five Years bring forth an overwhelmingly uplifting second EP ‘This Could All Be So Easy’.

A wonderfully descriptive story arc, with each track taking strength from the other, this collection is a pulsating tour de force of raw emotion.

The band’s no-nonsense approach to storytelling reflects personal struggles and complexity that are synonymous with Pop-Punk/Emo.
Open and honest lyrics confront inner demons through reflective questions, brought about during darker moments in life.

‘Better The Devil’ summons you to a test of the spirit which requires you to face the mirror and come to terms with all things both retrospectively and momentarily.
The track manages to rattle the cage of our innermost thoughts to question what we all ask ourselves from time to time.
What am I doing with my life? How can I change for the better?

Burning questions that need answering is a running theme that continues to flow through this EP.
’Enclosure’, with it’s prodigious, raw and unbridled energy is propelled into the stratosphere by high tempo instrumental sections.
This track successfully shines a light in the never ending search to find and confront moral dilemmas.

By this point in the EP, the band will now have your undivided attention as they unleash a relentless gallop of punk harnessed by a strong, story driven narrative worthy of visual adaptation.

The band can barely contain their natural exuberance on ‘I Hope You Know.’
Their super-charged sound is like a blade of fire cutting through emotional turmoil to the heart of a deeper understanding.

An OUTSTANDING favourite from this EP, the next track'; ‘Landing Light’ is an adrenaline kick of heartfelt, empathetic lyricism and lethal instrumentation that will stretch out to embrace your very soul!
This stunningly dynamic track deals with the struggles of being haunted by past regrets, while figuring out a way to move on.

“There is a way to move on. To move on and still come back without it breaking me.”

I can see the crowd going wild when this gets performed live! I know I will!

Meanwhile, ‘Mea Calpa’ has a relatable magnetism, fusing together high-octane music while underpinning conflicted emotions of inner vulnerabilities.

“I’m done with feeling sorry.”

The band remedy these struggles by teaming up with the listener to face these challenges head on.

During the course of this EP, These Five Years have identified and understood that it’s all too easy to fall into feelings of self-deprecation and uncertainty that, if allowed to go unchallenged, threaten to tear the soul apart.

Final track ‘Feathers’ sends us on our way with one last chilled-out, coming-of-age pep talk.
A fitting conclusion to an impressive EP with a deep sense of streetwise reality.

Armed to the teeth with dynamic, self-aware lyricism, a frenzy of guitar riffs and punchy bass playing – not to mention kick-ass drumming, ‘This Could All Be So Easy’ excels at pulling you out of the darkness and into the light.

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