Festival Review: Lindisfarne Festival 2019

Festival Review: Lindisfarne Festival 2019

Lindisfarne Festival is an independent music and creative arts festival that takes place on the stunning Northumberland coast overlooking Holy Island.
The festival hosts over one hundred acts spread out over eight unique stages.

Next to live music, every year a box of comedians, DJ’s, workshops, bonfires and fire shows is opened and emptied on the festival site.
This years’ event was not only spectacular because of the breath-taking surroundings, but mainly because of the talented live acts that were performing.

We attended the Friday of the festival and below you’ll find out what we witnessed and what our thoughts are on the acts that played!

The Musicians Against Homelessness stage hosted a ton of local artists that have been living up to expectations online and during live shows.
Sarah Connolly kicked off the Friday on the MAH-stage, and filled the small white tent with her pitch perfect voice and genuine personality.
Her honest reactions to the audience’s loving applause were endearing and heart-warming and made us want to run to our computers to stream her latest release ‘St. Christopher’.
The single is about tough break-ups which I’m sure most of us can relate to.

Next up on the main stage was Lindisfarne, not to be confused with the name of the festival, but the nationally well-known act known for their classic ‘Fog On The Tyne’. Before long, a full tent was enjoying themselves, endlessly singing along wholeheartedly to the band’s classics.

Over at the main stage, The Moods proved to be a funky big band that made it impossible for anyone around not to dance to.
With their upbeat mix of ska, funk and pop they knew exactly how to win over the hearts of their audience.

Next up at the MAH-stage was the rather fairy-like appearance of Shuna Lovelle playing the keys, vocals and a drum pad.
The trio from Scotland released their debut single ‘Little Love Birds’ last month but already seem to have their sound and set nailed down.
With confidence, and a whole lot of fun, the trio made the most out of their Lindisfarne-adventure.

Shuna Lovelle Photography: Laura Rosierse

Shuna Lovelle
Photography: Laura Rosierse

The dreamy electro pop of Shuna Lovelle was followed up by Josephine Sillars and the Manic Pixie Dreams.
Josephine sure knew how to create dreamscapes within her songs, with a humble and honest performance she knows how to keep the crowd in awed silence and get them to talk to her afterwards.

Friday was bound to end in one big, glittery party and Be Quiet Shout Loud brought all their gear to turn the small tent upside down with their upbeat and energetic indie rock and easy-to-sing-along-to bangers.
Frontman Ste seems to steal the show with his unfailing energy and outstanding personality.He even made sure he got a good old hug from his newly gained fans at the end of the set.
After Be Quiet Shout Loud’s incredible show the whole tent reeked of sweat and tired toes however no one seemed to mind.

Be Quiet Shout Loud Photography: Laura Rosierse

Be Quiet Shout Loud
Photography: Laura Rosierse

The headliner of the day was the always surprising Peter Doherty.
Well-known for letting his fans wait as long as he pleases, it was a nice surprise to see him on stage only five minutes late.
Mr. Doherty played to an almost full tent and performed for a good one and a half hours, until towards the end of his set the tent was almost empty.
Somehow it didn’t seem to bother the entertainer, who jokingly mentioned it to his guitarist who just didn’t want to stop playing.
The singer, who jumped into the public eye when fronting The Libertines, sang better than expected, mixing solo, Babyshambles and Libertines material, giving fans of all his musical endeavours a taste of something what they came for.

Nearing the end of the day, everyone participated in singing for Peter’s beautiful dog who celebrated his birthday on the day of the festival.
All in all, Peter Doherty was a great closer for the first day of Lindisfarne festival and he seems to have not yet ran out of fuel.
We are very curious to see what is to come from the Libertines-cofounder.

Cover photo: Sarah Connolly
All photography by Laura Rosierse

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