Single Review: ‘July’ by Baltic

Single Review: ‘July’ by Baltic

The boys in Baltic have really played a blinder in the past year, from their debut headliner last year at Think Tank? Newcastle to the heady heights of This is Tomorrow, Bingley Music Live and Hardwick Live.

These lads are a band with genuine swagger, a tongue in cheek sense of humour and a rough and ready approach.
The obvious comparisons come from the early 2000’s indie boom that brought us The Cribs, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes but this comes from a slightly different angle.

‘July’ is the band’s new single which, despite its namesake, came out in August and it is a track that will stop you in your tracks, as it all goes full pelt from the word go.

The dueling guitar riffs of Lewis and Charlie battle for supremacy, like a younger and less drug addled Carl and Pete of The Libertines heyday.
The song just thunders along with Luc’s drumming, a style reminiscent of Matt Helders, playing with flair but always tight and Thomas’ wonderful bass guitar playing high on the fret and counterpoint to the jangly chords.
Its hard to stand out as a bass player but this guy cracked a fantastic playing style.

The lyrics condense the whole rebellious/easy going teenage experience of the six weeks holiday off school into a 3 and half minute indie pop banger with Northern charm.
Never rebellious myself (mum if you are reading, whatever you’ve read it wasn’t me) but the chance to go back to a nondescript summer in the sun with no worries is a thought that surely brings about universal nostalgia in all of us.
Sadly, there’s not many hours of sun in the British summer time, not many chances for a cheeky Strongbow at the family’s yearly BBQ and you don't get many “Days of Innocence, no responsibilities, Sit around and do nothing all day”.
It just sounds like perfection to me.

I mentioned earlier about the band’s rough and ready approach and this is the core of their appeal.
There’s no studio trickery, over the top effects or auto tune, instead there’s just clever song writing performed by a tight band and that’s it.

The bare bones of Rock and Roll in it’s purest form. The band has gained lot’s of momentum very quickly, and long may it continue if we get to hear more songs this good.

Photography Dean Hindmarch

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